Solar Panel Warranty – Loop Holes Exposed

Is your solar panel warranty worth the paper it’s written on? Will a little bit of shade void your solar panel warranty?  . In this post, I’ll first show you how most solar panel manufacturers have, what I consider to be a 25-year solar panel warranty get-out-of-jail-free card written into their installation manual.  After that, I’ll tell you […]

Hail damaged Solar Panels 2020

So your Solar Panels were smashed by hail on the 31st of December 2020 and you need a quote to remove and replace them. Let’s hope it’s under insurance. Read on, because it may cost the same to replace your entire system. Your home insurance could cover new solar panels and solar inverter for the […]

Solar Voltage Rise – why you should care

Solar Voltage Rise can significantly reduce your solar production, but the problem is often ignored. It’s one thing to use a quality inverter and panels, but if solar voltage rise is not considered by your solar installer, then your solar may produce significantly less than it should have. In part one, I’ll explain what voltage […]

Five Solar Tips For Your New Build Home

If you are planning solar for your new home, you don’t want to get it wrong. There are some unique advantages you have from starting fresh. However, there are potential pitfalls you need to avoid. This article is going to give you five tips when considering a solar installation on your new build. 1. Rough In […]

PERC Solar panels – Degradation through LeTID

Solar panels are getting bigger thanks to a technology called PERC. Just two years ago, a 250W panel was the norm. Today, just about every panel manufacturer is offering Mono PERC solar modules and Poly PERC solar modules at 300W. Some are even offering an extremely affordable 330W Mono PERC module. The aim of this post is […]

Small Commercial Solar Brisbane – Finding the Sweet Spot

Now that more people are better understanding the benefits of solar, their attention turns to looking at solar for their business. However, a lot of people are still unsure as to how to determine the size they’ll need and what added components are required for a commercial install. This post first aims to cover the […]

Tigo Energy Optimiser Review

Tigo Energy optimisers are the quiet achiever of the Solar industry. In part one of this blog, I’ll explain how installing solar panels in shade will affect your solar production. I’ll show, through a series of tests, how solar panel bypass diodes work reasonably well to combat shade, but I’ll also explain why solar panel […]

Solar Panel Design : North-East-West

Can I face solar panels North, East and West? It’s a solar panel design question I pose to almost every electrician and solar salesman I interview: “Can we install solar panels without optimisers on three different orientations?” Nine out of ten times, their answer is wrong. To explain the answer, I’ll go back to the […]

What size solar system do I need?

What size solar system do I need? It’s one of the first questions you should ask when looking for solar: What size solar system should I get? This post will first dispel the “Goldilocks solar” myth of accurately sizing a solar system to match your daytime power consumption. I’ll then explain why for several years, […]

Should I use tilt frames on my solar panels?

You’re looking to buy solar, but your best section of the roof is close to flat. The bloke down the road has mounted hideous tilt frames on his roof, and you are wondering if you really need to do this to your home, your castle. In this post, I’ll first explain the theoretical reason behind […]