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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Brisbane?

The cost of a solar panel installation in Brisbane varies depending on factors such as your roof type, roof height, number of roof faces we install on, and the condition of your switchboard. Below is the average cost of our solar systems after the STC solar rebate.

Canadian Solar

The world’s best inverter in true DC battery-ready form with quality solar panels

No compromise on components or installation

  • Canadian Hiku6 465W Solar Panels
  • Fronius GEN24 Inverter
6.5kW Solar System Brisbane
  • 5kW GEN24 Upgradeable Inverter
  • 14 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels
From $7,800*
10.23kW Solar System Brisbane
  • 8kW GEN24 Upgradeable Inverter
  • 22 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels
From $9,400
9.3kW Solar System Brisbane
  • 8kW GEN24 Upgradeable Inverter
  • 20 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels
From $8,600

* Indicative prices based on a standard solar installation.
* Prices are with STC Rebate applied (AKA: Gov Rebate) 


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REC Solar Panels

The worlds best inverter in true DC battery-ready form with premium solar panels installed by a team of perfectionists.

  • REC Alpha Pure-R 420W Solar Panels
  • Fronius Gen24 Inverter
REC Solar system
6.64kW Solar Panel System Brisbane
  • 5kW Fronius Gen24 Upgradeable Inverter
  • REC Alpha Pure-R | 25 Year Warranty
  • 15 X 420W Solar Panels
10.5kW - Brisbane Solar Panels
  • 8kW Fronius Gen24 Upgradeable Inverter
  • REC Alpha Pure-R | 25 Year Warranty
  • 25 X 420W Solar Panels
13.02kW Solar Panel System Brisbane
  • 10kW Fronius Symo Gen24 Upgraded Inverter
  • REC Alpha Pure-R | 25 Year Warranty
  • 31 X 420W Solar Panels

* Indicative prices based on a standard solar installation.
* Prices are with STC Rebate applied (AKA: Gov Rebate)

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A critical part of a high quality solar installation  is sending an electrician out to “measure up” before install day to ensure everything runs smoothly. With a measure up, we guarantee you’ll get what you expected. No surprises. Just the best solar install possible.

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Which Solar Panels Are Right For Me?

Choosing the right solar panels for your Brisbane home shouldn’t be so hard. At MC Electrical we offer 2 different solar panels at 2 different price points. But a higher priced solar panel does not necessarily equate to a higher quality.

I’ve spent the last 14 years installing the cheapest to the most expensive solar panels around Brisbane. In that time we have:

  • Tested 30 different solar panel brands on the roof of our Brisbane warehouse.
  • Visited 5 different solar panel factories around the world.
  • Written 10 different articles on solar panel research.


Now, we have settled on two solar panel brands at different price points. We’ve offered both panels for many years. We’ve visited the factories. We’ve done the hard work for you.


Ask anyone in the Brisbane Solar Panel industry which solar panels are the best on the market. Most will mention the four panels that cost the most. Sunpower, LG, REC and QCells.

We were big supporters of all of these brands until recently. QCells Pulled out of Australia in February 2024. Time will tell how good QCells are at honouring warranties. LG pulled out of the solar industry in 2021. By all reports, they are honouring warranties. Sunpower dropped their cost and increased their warranty to a pathetically unrealistic 40 years. At the same time their panel build quality rapidly declined and they tried rejecting clear-cut warranty claims on panels that were two years old.

So which are the best panels on the market? By process of elimination, only REC remain standing. But there is another panel that holds its own when it comes to a balance of quality and cost: Canadian Solar.

Levelised Cost Of Electricity

It’s all good having the best remaining panel if that’s the main goal. But many home owners have other goals. Levelized Cost Of Energy, or “LCOE”, is a fancy industry term meaning “bang for buck”. In this scenario, the bang means they need to perform well for 25 years. The buck means you are not paying 50 per cent more cost for an extra 1 percent production. Canadian Solar manufactures high-quality panels at a realistic price, making the cost of your Brisbane solar panel system more affordable.

Canadian Solar Panel Cost Brisbane

We have used Canadian Solar on and off as our more cost-effective solar panel. We first started installing Canadian solar in 2015. While Canadian Solar does manufacture panels in Canada, the Canadian solar panels we get in Australia a Chinese-made solar panels.

The cost of Canadian Solar Panels is significantly less than REC. However, over the many thousands of solar panels we have installed, Canadian panels would be one of the most consistent in their build quality. Not only that but the few times we have had warranty issues, Canadian Solar was easy to deal with, covering all costs. We visited their Chinese factory in 2019, and while the factory is not as pristine as REC, it is by far the best of the Chinese Solar panel factories I have visited.

MC electrical staff at canadian solar plant

REC Solar Panel Cost Brisbane

REC is our premium price point offering. Unlike other higher priced panels, the cost of the REC Alpha Pure R solar panel reflects its position as the best solar panel in the Australian Market today.

As proven with this glamorous photo of Mark, we visited the solar REC Solar Panel Factory in Singapore in 2018. Of all the factories we have visited this is the most pristine, automated and vertically integrated factory I have seen. In summary, the factory consists of silicone rock at one end, lots of robots, a few people, and solar panels out the other end. Fair to say it is the best solar panel factory in the world. If the cost of your solar panels is no object, then the REC Alpha Pure-R is the solar panel for you.

Mark at the REC Singapore solar plant

Mark's YouTube And Blog

If you want to do your homework before purchasing a solar panel system, Mark’s blog is one of the most valuable resources you’ll find. Mark reviews solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar optimisers, microinverters and solar installation methods. See why Mark and the team at MC Electrical are considered solar industry thought leaders.

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