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How do you avoid a dodgy solar panel installation? Channel 9 News interviewed Mark to find out.

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If you’re looking for a Brisbane Solar Power company you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. Have a look around our site and see why our customers leave us raving reviews.

Mark and Wendy Cavanagh.

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Mark cuts through the solar sales spin and gives an informed and unbiased view on a wide range of solar power products. From the latest inverters to solar panels, solar batteries and solar power Brisbane industry news. Find out why Mark is considered a solar power industry thought leader.

Solar Panels Brisbane

Why do we put our solar panel pricing on the website for all to see? Because Solar panels are an investment in your future energy bills. The main aim is to save money. We are competitively priced but we’re not the cheapest. We install quality. We’re not even the cheapest for the same solar panels and inverter. Because a solar panel system is more than just solar panels and an inverter. We will offer the best solar installers, the best solar advice, the best solar products,  and the best after sales service in Brisbane. All for an affordable price.


106 Raving Google reviews

From the initial contact, MC Electrical were professional and supportive. They provided information and guidance on a system that would meet our Solar objectives and budget. They were not pushy or making assumptions that they knew better what we needed.They listened to our requirements and objectives and worked with us to install a high quality solution. They also coordinated installation of the panel railings with a roof restoration, well before the panels were ready for installation. This helped to ensure the integrity of our roof paint membrane and reduced potential damage to tiles. The follow-up service to keep us informed of every step, and coordinating with our electricity provider has been great. I highly recommend MC Electrical for their service, knowledge and more
Lowie & Mark Forwood
Lowie & Mark Forwood
22:50 24 Apr 19
high quality products, incredible customer service and support. They came to our house to inspect the site and have a chat to understand our energy needs to make a tailor made quote. Their presentation was extremely detailed and we felt confident in their support from day one. One month after installation and the support is still there in helping choosing the provider with the best deal on the market. Worth every cent. Thank you Mc Electrical!read more
gavino beddu
gavino beddu
08:58 03 Apr 19
Terrific service. Not the cheapest but by far the most proficient and complete and professional service of the companies I engaged. Trent particularly managed the process well and I am very pleased with the performance of my system 1 year on. Finally a company that does value and practice after sales engagement and more
Shannon Hobbs
Shannon Hobbs
20:27 19 Mar 19
Very happy with MC Electrical. They provided a quality system at a really good price. Loved the amount of information that have on their website and the obvious passion and knowledge displayed by the owner and staff. There is a lot of information on the internet about solar and it is very difficult for a consumer to interpret what is there and apply that to what they need. Jaime from MC Electrical spent a lot of time with us to help match us with the right combination of products to come up with a system that we could afford and that would meet our needs. I feel confident that we will have a great system, that will last us for many years, that will significantly reduce our energy costs and that will be backed up by great support. Thanks Jaime and MC more
Alessandra Liussi
Alessandra Liussi
06:46 13 Feb 19
Recently had solar installed by these guys. After alot of research I decided on MC Electrical. Not the cheapest but I had most confidence in them from the start. Smooth process from sales through install and after sales support. Their install staff were exceptional working in very hot conditions and just getting on with it. Cannot recommend highly enough. In a market where there are plenty of cowboys they have more
Owen Davies
Owen Davies
10:12 01 Mar 19
Fantastic, This team were only ones to actually come out and provide an extensive free written quote. They explained everything, booked us in arrived on time, cleaned up after themselves and didn't break any tiles on the roof during install and offerred post installation support. Very friendly service that ran like a well oiled machine with no issues wahtsoever. This is the way dealing with businesses should be. Very highly recomended. Thanks to the more
Russell Sky
Russell Sky
21:07 11 Jul 19
From the consultation to installation and after service, MC Solar & Electrical has been professional and without any hassles at all. I am very happy with the whole team every step of the way. Excellent communication and follow up. They are very thorough and explained everything clearly to me and even showed some examples poor workmanship ( we spotted our neighbor had one example they explained!)You might find a lower quote with another retail/installers, but I highly recommend the peace of mind that comes with premium quality products and services with them because solar is a long term investment and over the course of 10-20+ years it is just not worth the uncertainty and hassle to save a few dollars. Arrange a meeting with them and you'll see first hand!read more
Barney Chen
Barney Chen
22:00 29 Aug 19
After getting numerous quotes amongst the haze of Solar options I settled on MC Electrical. From the start MC Electrical have been down to earth, honest, professional and so far, their after install service and support has been excellent. No upsell, clear in what I needed and willing to listen. Not the cheapest but definitely good value for money. I would recommend having a chat with the team for your Solar more
Greg Price
Greg Price
23:27 29 Aug 19
Very happy with MC electrical. Sales was very professional, suppling lots of info and options to help find the right solution for a difficult roof at a competitive price. The installers had pride in their work and it showed in their attitude and work ethic. Coming from the service / installation industry I have high expectations in regards to quality and service, I was impressed with the install and highly recommend this more
Tayla Jackson
Tayla Jackson
09:34 27 Sep 19
Has been an excellent experience from quoting to completion. I highly recommend this solar installer.
Steve M
Steve M
01:09 02 Oct 19
Excellent service and communication. We found the big difference between MC Electrical was that, unlike most solar providers who would try to dictate what you need without considering your circumstances, MC Electrical will listen to your needs and offer a system that will align to those needs. Another major plus is the aftermarket service. MC Electrical are available to ensure your system is running smoothly and answer any pay sales questions you may have. We speed around apt and found these guys are the best and we couldn't more highly recommend more
Pat Moran
Pat Moran
22:52 03 Oct 19
I did a lot of reviews and got a few quotes for systems. Throughout the sales processes, MC Electrical was honest and realistic about the system I needed and offered me clear insight into their thinking and my household circumstances. I ended up going with them for the following reasons:Mark's Blog -  he really understands solar and offers honest advice, Their longevity  in the marketplace - They only do solar and have done it for a long timeTheir warranty - they cover what they sell wellStaff - Everyone I spoke too and eventually worked with has truly being amazing to work with and all seem to love their company.The install too was faultless with a full team of around 6 working effectively to place the panels in the morning. I also required a meter box upgrade and they looked after everything to the highest of standards.I've had the system installed for 8 months now and could not be happier. MC Electrical have a great after sales team who even dealt with my questions mainly around understand and using the software and meter reading so I could better understand how to get the most from the system. Very patience and knowledge.I've just got my second quarter bill from my system and it's gone for $860 same time last year to $27read more
Paul Judge
Paul Judge
06:13 09 Oct 19

The best solar power in Brisbane

It’s a big claim, but we genuinely believe we offer the Best Solar in Brisbane. In the past 10 years of business, there’s a lot we have learned. Not only about installing solar panels, but how to serve our customers so they have the best experience when going solar.

Our Solar Installers

We directly employ all our own Electricians – we never sub-contract. (That can only be done because I’m an Electrical Contractor). We have ten Electricians on staff.  Four in the office, five installing solar panels every day, and one dedicated to honouring our warranty and performing pre-installation checks.

To mount the panels on your roof, we employ eight mature age apprentices, a junior apprentice, a qualified carpenter, and two labourers gunning to start their apprenticeship. It’s crucial to have the right blokes on your roof. Four of our past apprentices are now our Solar Electricians. Two more will follow this year. This continuity of training ensures quality control.

Building a team of the best solar installers in Brisbane took time, but they are the secret to our success.

Our research in solar

We take solar panels seriously. We’ve travelled to multiple solar panel and inverter factories around the world so we can be confident of the products we offer, (and the products we no longer offer!)

While Ben and I have the privilege of researching and blogging, many ideas come about by rigorous discussion with our office staff and our technically driven sales staff. “Mark’s blog” is respected around the world for our unbiased and detailed reviews. In Austrlia we are considered an industry thought leader.

I’m part the Clean Energy Council’s Installer reference group. We’re passionate about updating regulations so the Solar industry standards improve.

I’m part of the Solar Cutters Committee. Solar Cutters is a group of likeminded solar installers who promote quality solar installations.

We’re CEC approved retailers. That’s a higher bar than CEC installers or CEC Members. I explain why here.

What that means for you

When we suggest a brand of panels and inverter to meet your budget, you can trust that it’s solid advice. But a solar system is more than solar panels and an inverter. We’re diligent in choosing the best components to hold it all together. From the solar panel racking to the size of cable and the selection of screws and saddles.  We also put the right blokes on your roof to install it, and the dedicated customer care to support you for the life of your solar system.

Your solar investment

Your solar panel investment will last well beyond the three or four years it takes to pay it off. It’ll keep on cranking – saving you money on your power bill for the next ten years. That’s our guarantee. With a bit of maintenance, I’m confident that systems we install this year will still be running in 2040. You’ll understand why we claim to offer the best solar power in Brisbane, and you’ll be glad you chose MC Electrical.

Mark Cavanagh

Owner, Manager
MC Electrical

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