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A 5kW system was the stock standard system pre-2017. Back then, that was twenty-five 250W solar panels. Today, a standard 5kW solar system comprises only fifteen 440W solar panels! Electricity demands are increasing with the advent of electric vehicles and solar batteries. Our most commonly sold solar panel systems today are 10kW and 13kW of solar panels. For more pricing, please visit our pricing page.

Solar Panel Pricing

6.5kW Solar System

14 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

5kW Gen24 Inverter

From $7,800*

9.3kW Solar System

20 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

8kW Gen24 Inverter

From $8,600

10.23kW Solar System

22 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

8kW Gen24 Inverter

From $9,400

*Indicative solar price based on a standard install and with the STC solar rebate applied.(aka: Gov solar rebate)

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How much will a 5kW solar system save me?

Brisbane 5kW Solar Panels System Installers QLD 4000

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If you are looking for the best solar panel system packages in Brisbane, contact MC Electrical. Our in-house and trained solar team ensure we can guarantee quality solar installations for every Brisbane home and business. Talk with our solar panel experts today regarding the best solar panel system price for your home or business. No hard sell – just expert solar advice!

5kw Solar Panel System Brisbane

If your house is on single-phase electricity (larger homes are often on 3-phase), then the minimum solar panel system you will want to get is a 5kW inverter with 6.6kW of panels. However, because of changes to technology, changes to regulations, and the price of solar panels, the average size system we install in Brisbane now is no longer a 5kW inverter but an 8kW inverter.

So gone are the days of a simple one size fits all 5kW solar system. A single-phase property can have up to 13kW of solar panels installed on a 10kW single-phase inverter. But we will have to export limit the system to 5kW. This means designing the size of your solar system is more involved. We no longer look primarily at the size of your bill, but the size of your lunchtime base load. For a better understanding of installing an inverter larger than 5kW and export limiting see our blog: Can I Install A 10kw Solar System On Single Phase?’

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