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Recently, Sungrow asked me to record installation training videos for their new SH5k Hybrid Inverter.
I was flattered. Yes, it’s a Chinese inverter, and the rule of thumb is to avoid Chinese inverters. Sungrow, however, has proven themselves an exception to that rule.

Four years ago I began subcontracting to Sungrow as their solar warranty agent in South-East Queensland. While their warranty work insignificantly contributes to my business income, the knowledge we trade is immeasurably beneficial. It’s not just about what we learn from technical dialogue with Sungrow – it the fact that they take on board and react to our feedback.

Sungrow SH5K

Simple things set the SH5K apart from it’s main competitors.

  • It’s a Sungrow – a proven name in the solar industry.
  • It’s a dual tracker – so important for an efficient design.
  • It’s IP65 – you can install it outside, and you don’t need to worry about geckos.
  • Price – Sungrow are always focussed on keeping the price down by not adding unnecessary expensive bling.
  • The affordable 10-year warranty (we offer this as a standard).
  • Their after sales warranty program is assertive – bordering on aggressive! If you have any issues, they will be on our case to fix it!

The inverter’s only significant restriction is that the current model (SH5K) will not run off grid should you lose power. While this restriction is somewhat common among hybrid inverters, Sungrow expects to offer an emergency power supply (EPS) model early in 2016. **Updated expected release date of June/July 2016**

Contact us for hybrid options.


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27 Comments on Sungrow Hybrid Inverter (SH5K) Review

Elliot said :Guest Report 3 years ago

Hi Michael, provided you have a smart meter or energy meter on both of the inverters, then yes you can setup total export to 5kW.

    Michael Foster said :Guest Report 3 years ago

    Thanks for the info, it is an Interesting hybrid inverter. Is it possible to set up this hybrid inverter + panels, with an existing Fronius + panels on the AC out and limit the combined power output of the two inverters to a 5KW export as you can with a Victron set-up?

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    Cherryl Wells said :Guest Report 5 years ago

    Hi Mark A question about my battery for you. I have a 9.8Kw LG battery and SH5K system, a year old now. I've noticed that the grid kicks in when the battery is at 15% (as it's meant to) and I've also noticed that I only ever seem to put about 6.5Kwh into the battery before it is back at 100%. Since 15% of 9.8 is about 1.5Kw and 1.5+6.5 is 8, where is the "missing" 1.8Kw. We rarely need to use grid power when the pv is working. An update on the problem I was having early in 2018, Ergon adjusted their transformers in June after many phone calls and much testing and our system is working perfectly.

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    Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

    Hi Tim, The retail price for an SH5K is about $2400. When it comes to installing costs, there are too many variables for me estimate.

      Tim Dobson said :Guest Report 6 years ago

      Hi Mark really good video and info. I am looking at get the SH5K installed connected to a byd battery. can you tell me what the inverter should cost roughly ?

      • sw1w 2TY
      Cherryl Wells said :Guest Report 6 years ago

      Hi Mark Thanks for the response. It looks like I'll be going back to the installer.The LED on the inverter is currently showing 634w coming from the grid while the battery is 88.7% full; our battery has never been below about 82%. Re the grid over-voltage, I spoke to Ergon and they have a fault registered already - with a fix ETA of end of June (maybe). Unfortunately they don't really have any incentive to fix it since I am paying for power from the grid and not getting any feed in credit whenever the system is offline. cheers

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      Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

      Hi Cherryl. If your battery still has charge then it should use power from the battery. This doesn't always work instantaneously, but if you watch it for a minute or so then the battery should start displaying that is discharging - at least partially. If it never shows this, then yes, something is definitely wrong. Call your installer. Over-voltage is generally an Ergon issue (unless you are on a property will long and undersized mains). Your installer should help you by reporting that to Ergon.

        Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

        Hi Craig. The short answer is no, you can only install 1 sungrow hybrid per installation if it is to work properly.

          Cherryl said :Guest Report 6 years ago

          Hi Mark We've just had a Sungrow hybrid system with 10kW LG battery installed in our new house in Townsville. All seems to be working well as far as we can see. However at night the panel on the inverter (and on the App) is showing power coming from the grid instead of from the battery - the battery is going down though. We are also experiencing grid over voltage during the day (an Ergon issue I've been told) and islanding which shuts the system down temporarily.Just wondering if these are something I need to get the installer back to fix.

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          Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

          Hi Paul, Whoever you paid is liable for the warranty. I'm assuming that was the installer (or a sales company). I know Sungrow well and they never shy away from a warranty case. Normally they go to far to help out the installer and keep the end customer happy. I would blame this one on the installer (or sales company) - and technically they walk away anyway.

            craig said :Guest Report 6 years ago

            Hi Mark, I have one of the sungrow sh5k installed atm, can they be daisy chained to double power output?

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            paul f said :Guest Report 6 years ago

            Hi Mark , long story but had SH5K installed Feb 17 and has not worked (.3 kw a day) Original installer replaced inverter with no success and now has walked away saying Sungrow issue. Sungrow sent a replacement meter and after me paying local installer to replace meter , no success . This is a 5kw system with 0 feed to Ergon . The unit works fine if switched to export. Sungrow tech is going around in circles now at my expence , paying local guy twice now , given Sungrow govern the price for this ($150 ) Do you have any advice on this matter for me and what are my rights as far as the original installer goes about refunds Pls Help

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            Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

            Indeed it was! I have it running in the office and it's a great unit!

              Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

              Hi May, As I understand it, the GCL battery will only charge to 4.5kW. It's a mess up between communication of the two products.

                May said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                Hi Mark I have installed the new SH5K with GCL E-KwBe using the default setting. According to the spec of GCL E-KwBe, it should have 5.6kw actual usable capacity. However each day, maximum the battery only charge to 4.5kw. Can you please advise is that correct or how I could adjust the default setting. Thanks

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                adrian said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                The EPS version is released!

                • 4159
                Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                Hi Bella, That sounds like a fairly simple mistake made by the installer. The Smart meter would be wired incorrectly. It would need an electrician to come around and sort it out, preferably your original installer.

                  Bela Jozsa said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                  Hi Mark, Wondering if you can offer any advice on setup of the SH5K. Had one recently installed, but the power flow indication on the front panel is all over the place. The other day I checked on what was being generated and noticed that some 1.5kw was going to the house. This seemed to be too much so I tripped all the circuit breakers and still had 1.5kw going to the house. Tonight I went out to check and the panel showed no power flow anywhere, none from the battery or the grid and nothing to the house. In the house we would have had a couple of hundred watts being consumed. The clock is showing one hour fast, but I assume this would not affect anything. Cheers, Bela

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                  Ken McDonell said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                  G'day Mark. Do you know how to get reliable data out of the SH5K? I have wifi connection working but the website either crashes or reports bozo data (like 4 Gigawatt peak output today, three times!)

                  • 3163
                  Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                  Hi Eric, Sure, Sungrow have sent me the new SH5K+ am StB5k and I'm just waiting on a GCL battery from One-Stop. We have planned to do the video next week on the 13th Feb.

                    ERIC said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                    HI Mark, I think the new SH5K with the STB5k box for emergency power supply is available. I just wonder how to wire the system. Can you make a video to show us how to install this system fully. Thanks

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                    Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                    Hi Tim, The hybrid is available now, but the new version of the hybrid will be ready sometime in October. The new version will allow you to choose an add-on feature of "EPS" or emergency power supply. (this will come at an extra cost). The discussion of whether or not you should be battery ready or not is a more complicated. Reasons for getting battery ready might include: If you are an early adopter. If not everything is about a "return on your investment". If it is important to you to be able to still have (limited) power in a blackout. If your power prices are high (significantly higher than 25c/kwh at night time) If your Feed in tariff is zero. Talk through this with Sunraysia. I'm not sure who they are but you might want to read my "background checks" blog before signing up with them!

                      Tim said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                      Hi Mark. Looking at getting a sungrow 5K inverter through Sunraysia solar. Been looking into the hybrid unit as well. I m not sure if I should get the normal unit now or wait until the hybrid unit becomes available. What is the cost of a hybrid inverter thanks Tim

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                      Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                      Hi Matt. Not yet, things have been so busy that I haven't chased it up. I have a feeling the new model will be delayed a bit. Unfortunately, the old model will not be upgradable.

                        Matt said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                        Hi Mark, did you receive your test model of sungrow's new hybrid inverter with eps yet. do you know if the early models will be upgradable.

                          Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                          Hi Tom, Last I was updated, it is due for release early in July. There are 2 of the new SH5K (with eps) in the Sungrow Sydney office now, and they are sending me one of them (hopefully next week) to do some Beta Testing before release. So not long to wait!

                            Tom Stokes said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                            Hi Mark, Do you know if the new SH5K that works fully offgrid has been released? *Any update* Or do you know another similar manufacturer for a suitable 5KW offgrid inverter Regards Tom

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