Sungrow Hybrid Inverter (SH5K) Review

Recently, Sungrow asked me to record installation training videos for their new SH5k Hybrid Inverter.
I was flattered. Yes, it’s a Chinese inverter, and the rule of thumb is to avoid Chinese inverters. Sungrow, however, has proven themselves an exception to that rule.

Four years ago I began subcontracting to Sungrow as their solar warranty agent in South-East Queensland. While their warranty work insignificantly contributes to my business income, the knowledge we trade is immeasurably beneficial. It’s not just about what we learn from technical dialogue with Sungrow – it the fact that they take on board and react to our feedback.

Sungrow SH5K

Simple things set the SH5K apart from it’s main competitors.

  • It’s a Sungrow – a proven name in the solar industry.
  • It’s a dual tracker – so important for an efficient design.
  • It’s IP65 – you can install it outside, and you don’t need to worry about geckos.
  • Price – Sungrow are always focussed on keeping the price down by not adding unnecessary expensive bling.
  • The affordable 10-year warranty (we offer this as a standard).
  • Their after sales warranty program is assertive – bordering on aggressive! If you have any issues, they will be on our case to fix it!

The inverter’s only significant restriction is that the current model (SH5K) will not run off grid should you lose power. While this restriction is somewhat common among hybrid inverters, Sungrow expects to offer an emergency power supply (EPS) model early in 2016. **Updated expected release date of June/July 2016**

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