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Samil Power are not answering their phones. The solar industry believes they have closed down – but there is no information that Samil has gone into receivership or administration. So what’s going on?

Update, May 2018. Samil power has exited Australia. If the company you originally purchased your solar system off is still around, your warranty should go through them. If not, call your local solar company to replace it, or upgrade your system.

If you are replacing the inverter, I usually recommend upgrading to a Fronius and connecting it to wifi so you can easily monitor your system via your phone or PC. The company that installs your new Fronius should also be able to monitor your system and give you feedback on its performance.

The cost of replacing your inverter with a Fronius is usually between $2200 and $2500. If you are in Brisbane, Contact us for a quote.

If you installed a small 2kW  system in the early days, you may also consider replacing your entire system with a bigger one. Solar has come a long way in the last 5 years! Check out our pricing page.

My involvement

While in the early days, MC Electrical installed Samil inverters as subcontractors for a sales companies, we (for good reason) have never sold a Samil inverter. We have no warranty obligations at stake. But I hate it when my industry is dragged through the dirt with companies that shirk their warranty obligations.

We often get calls from customers when they find our their solar system doesn’t work. When they try to claim their warranty, they find our the sales company they bought the solar system off has gone bust. This is when our dealings with Samil begin.

For a long time, it was fine. We’d get the odd Samil inverter warranty from an Ex BioSolar customer and we could process a warranty and replace the inverter under warranty. Samil would pay a small fee for the processing and the customer would pay a small fee for the service call. However, since January 2016, Samil stopped answering their phones and stopped answering their emails. Even Jack from Samil (my last resort) was not returning my calls to his mobile. We were not the only ones: this silence from Samil was felt Australia wide.

Enough is enough Samil

Today I was chatting with installers on a Facebook group who were once again complaining about Samil, and questioning if they had gone under. I figured it was time to make some phone calls.

  • The Clean Energy Council said they had no jurisdiction over manufacturers, but when I suggested they should consider removing Samil off the CEC Approved inverter list, they took my point and told me they would look into it and get back to me. No time to wait around it was time to call the ACCC.
  • The ACCC advised me that because I was not the consumer, they could not help me. They suggested I contact the QLD  Civil and administrative tribunal on 1300 753228. They said that in NSW, VIC, SA and WA, businesses should contact the small business commissioner.

I posted this information online, and also text messaged it to Jack from Samil. Finally, after months of ignored calls, I got a call back from Jack.

Samil’s reply

It was a half hour conversation – we had a lot to talk about it. Jack used the excuse of being overworked: “how many emails do you get in a day” he asked. “and If the electrician installs the inverter in direct sun, and….,”

“The man doth protest too much methinks”
Samil needs to answer their phone and emails. Put a process in place where you require a photo of the installation to prove that it was not in full sun. If the warranty is legitimately void, then so be it. We need to know.

I refrained from posting Jacks mobile number to installers, but I shared the warranty claim process he suggested. We’ll both be in a conference in Melbourne this week (May 2016) and I’ll be sure to meet Jack in person. If you are in the greater Brisbane area, then contact us and we can help you with the Samil warranty process. If we have no luck, I’ll share Jack’s mobile.

Update from the 2016 Melbourne conference

Conveniently Jack missed my message while we were in Melbourne last week. I spoke with a friend who works in the tech department for True Value solar. They have about 300 outstanding Samil warranty claims, and cannot get in touch with Samil either. I also got information from friend in the know as he manages warranties for another Chinese inverter manufacturing company. Samil are pulling out of Australia.


Samil claim they are not dead. They claim they have not closed their door. They claim they are not even in hiding. Apparently they have been interviewing for a position to answer calls relating to warranties. We’re yet to see a Samil warranty claim successfully processed in 2016. If you are thinking installing a Samil inverter, don’t. If you need help with warranty, we may be able to help. Give us a call in business hours or leave a message on our contact page.

Update – Read the comments below. Samil are back from the dead and answering their phones.

Mark Cavanagh

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65 Comments on Has Samil Power gone bust?

Devina Rogers said :Guest Report 8 months ago

Hi Fui S Chang, If the company you originally purchased your solar system off is still around, your warranty should go through them. If not, call your local solar company to replace it, or upgrade your system. If you're in South East Queensland, give us a call on 3268 3836. We may be able to help you or recommend a solar installer closer to you.

    John Meikle said :Guest Report 2 years ago

    Hi Mark, yes, I have an installed Samil inverter and panels. We had the name of the installer luckily, but we have also been advised by another electrician that there is some damage to at least one of our panels that should still be under warranty, I only found out that Samil's website doesn't seem to exist when I tried to download their monitoring app

    • 4127
    Fui S Chang said :Guest Report 3 years ago

    I have Samil Invertor that does not work with red light showing the Default. SRI K5TLA1. How do I claim warranty or replacement of invertor?

    • 5072
    rajbps said :Guest Report 4 years ago

    @Danilo Zappulla I have a samil power 2300TL and managed to get a samil power manager. Could you assist me on how to connect them please?

    • bt366ds
    Danilo Zappulla said :Guest Report 4 years ago

    Hello, I landed on this page and it was surprising to find my name here! I am the former Samil Power repair engineer based in Italy and today, despite Samil is out of business since 2018, I keep repairing Samil Power inverters for all European customers with my own company. I can still use Samil inverters parts to repair them and more. If you need support you can contact me over the phone or via email, I'll be glad to help as someone of you have already experienced.

    • 20016
    Mark C said :administrator Report 5 years ago

    Hi Tony, yeh I would assume you are wasting your time unfortunately.

      Eric said :Guest Report 5 years ago

      This youtube clip is worth a look. As an experienced electronics repairer I tried it on my own failed Samil 2300T and, to my surprise, it worked. Seems that "Relay Failure" is a common fault with these and easily fixed if you know what you are doing. Early days for me, though. I'll need to check it over the next weeks and, hopefully, months.

      • 2305
      Tony Holman said :Guest Report 5 years ago

      Hi Mark Its interesting reading above One of my inverters has stopped working its a Samil power 5200-TLD. I tried to contact the UK Samil Power they have ceased trading. Am I wasting my time calling China I would appreciate your input. Kind regards Tony Holman in the UK

      • so16 7dr
      Jerry said :Guest Report 5 years ago

      Samil Power are not answering their phones and emails. Tried several times. My advice is NEVER BUY Samil inverters. Look for reputed brands. One of my inverters failed within a month which was replaced under warranty. Now the second inverter failed completely at the end of 5 years. Neither the installing electrical contractor " DPR Network " nor the Samil suppliers are answering the phones. Bad decision to use their services

      • 4034
      Chris said :Guest Report 5 years ago

      My Samil inverter has developed a fault "SCI communication fault" so I tried to contact them. One e-mail I tried go this response - Samil Power is bankrupt since a year now and doesn't provide warranty support anymore. I am their former engineer based in Italy and I run my independent solar inverters repair business since few months. To repair this issue I need your inverter on my table but to provide you a quotation I need the inverter serial number and your zip code for the shipment costs. Look forward to your feedback He quoted me 140 euros to repair and 40 Euros shipping each way to Italy (I'm in England). So I can only presume that after 4 years I will have to fork out another £500+ now?

      • SO31 6WQ
      Phil Bean said :Guest Report 6 years ago

      Hi we have had the same problems with these people , my latest problem is saying that it is a Isolation fault any ideas

      • 4737
      sandra said :Guest Report 6 years ago

      hi if my samil inverter has a green light and a blank screen am i getting a feed back from the grid.

      • 4209
      Mark Harrington said :Guest Report 6 years ago

      Hi All I came across the inverter yesterday for the first time I'm currently looking into servicing these to component level but could really do with some assistance If any one has access or could supply schematics there is every possibility these can be repaired This may solve a huge problem how ever I do need some companies to co operate with me for supplying that information if any are able to assist please contact me on face book

      • SE18 7BL
      Mark Cavanagh said :administrator Report 6 years ago

      Hi Peter. I have bad news - Samil has finally exited Australia. Unless the company that sold you the system is still around, your warranty is gone too. My advice is to install a Fronius and get it connected to your wifi for monitoring.

        Peter Mc Ewen said :Guest Report 6 years ago

        Hi, I have a Samil Inverter which has failed for the second time. The system was first installed in March 2012. The first inverter failed sometime in 2015. After many enquiries I able to get a contact number 1300253545 & after some hassles was able to get a replacement Inverter under warranty. I discovered early 2017 that my electricity bills were increasing & I wasn’t being reimbursed for power being fed back to the Grid. I checked my system & found that the Inverter was not working. I have contact a number of phone numbers to no avail. A friend that I go onto the internet & look up Samil & see if I could solve my replacement problems. Can you help us. Peter & Helen Mc Ewen.

        • 2540
        Karen Reid said :Guest Report 6 years ago

        Hello again and thank you to Achim Scheumeister from Germany, for Italy email address. I wrote to them hoping to get some more answers on the situation here in Australia and this was their reply.. "Dear Karen, I don’t think there is anybody left in Australia to look after OZ cases and of course I can’t ship goods to Australia, it doesn’t matter if under warranty or not, as I have no agreement with Samil China for this market. On the other side I can provide you a free second hand lid which has very light scratches you can’t even see, and it surely much better than yours, but shipment cost from Italy has to be bear by you. Honestly in 6 years with Samil, I faced probably 2 cases like yours. I don’t think it makes any sense to pay a shipment from Italy to Australia, but this is up to you… Let me know Cordiali saluti/ Kind regards Danilo Zappulla Supporto tecnico Samil Power S.r.l. Tel.:  +39 392 9376744 (dalle 9.00 alle 18.00) Email: Web:" They were very prompt in their reply and did their best to offer whatever help they were able to give. It does though give more I sigg

        • 2456
        Karen Reid said :Guest Report 6 years ago

        Hello, I was wondering Don McKenzie, was your system installed by Austar Solar? I've been told that they were using cheap isolators, which crack and let in water. My switch burnt out, which Austar solar did pay to have replaced. A friend though had a fire on her roof from this and they have been rude and very difficult to deal with getting hers fixed and they didn't even apologise for a fire that could have killed someone. My Samil inverter, although (touch wood) still working, is bubbling up with what looks like corrosion or rust damage under the paint. Its warranty runs out very soon and like everyone else, no answer when I call.

        • 2456
        Jody said :Guest Report 6 years ago

        I contacted Samil in Feb to advise my inverter was displaying a fault. 1 month after installation 4 years ago, it had a fault and was fixed. 4 years down the track, it has another fault displaying. contacted Samil in Feb, they advised yes this unit is under warranty but it is a refurbished unit. They were to send a new inverter unit out and gave me a job number to monitor on their website. To date, i have not received it. to date, they have not replied to my emails or phone calls. I can no longer log onto their website.

        • 3752
        Achim Scheumeister said :Guest Report 6 years ago

        Hello from Germany. I just got my solar lake 5500 replaced (warranty). Europe is served by samil Italy: as there is no further service station in Europe. Worked very well and the replacement arrived within days without any fees. Very quick and nice conversation in excellent english. Thank you! Well done,- Achim

        • 76829
        terence bolt said :Guest Report 6 years ago

        hi ihad a new invertar replaced 8 months ago , it has stopped working again still have 4 years left on warrenty rang installer he contacted samil they gave me a no 21745, but every think has since just stopped thanks

        • 5608
        Richard O'Halloran said :Guest Report 6 years ago

        Small inverter has died again. First time took months to get replacement. Phone number in Sydney goes to a full message bank. Guess I have to buy another type. Pricks.

        • 4878
        Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

        Hi Tim, I don't think you will have any luck with Samil. I'd be replacing it with a Fronius. Though, your original installer should be responsible for the warranty right?

          Tim said :Guest Report 6 years ago

          Hi there, My Samil power unit is only 3.5yrs old and it now has a relay fault. I'm in NZ and there are no contact numbers available. No australian website loads. Could anyone direct me where to go from here?

          • 3200
          Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

          Hi Dang. Sounds like it would be worth lodging a complaint at least. Samil are useless.

            Dang Nguyen said :Guest Report 6 years ago

            Hi Mark, I have a 5kw inverter and have samil replace it 5 times in 2016 and the one now just die about 2 days ago and after reading your blog i dont like my chances of getting the 6 one. I was just thinking would it be worth it to get a class action and bring samil to court? since there are so many customers are out of pocket cos of their bad quality product.

            • 4300
            Terry Treloar said :Guest Report 7 years ago

            Hi, Samil are answering their phones, sometimes, but when you get through nothing is being done anyway.I My 5 kw inverter has been out for over 90 days and I am just getting run around. Today I tried to be transferred to head office and they said they would have someone call as they ( 02 9643 7788 which they say is their service centre) that they are only an agent.

            • 3199
            Linda Fraser said :Guest Report 7 years ago

            Had Samil solar installed 8th month 2011. Has been showing "relay failure" every now and then , after reading the instruction book it seemed that it was something that happened and wasn't a problem and it restarted when I rebooted it . Three days ago it happened again but I had to reboot it several times before it came on and I have had to reboot it every day since . Found this blog while waiting for the installer to call back Their immediate answer was we will quote on a new inverter , I told them I had read about heavy rain and split isolated box causing the problem as the inverter is doing all the right things once restarted .... The upshot was I have to pay ( upfront before they will even book it ) for a service to find out if that's the problem ( $199.00 ) . Thanks to Don McKenzies blog I haven't just gone straight to a new inverter and I will be giving Consumer a call on Monday for more advice .

            • 6166
            Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

            Hey Sophie Martin from JR Tech Life Llectrical, that's a fairly dodgy way of trying to get back links don't you think?

              Sophie Martin said :Guest Report 7 years ago

              Just finished reading your post and your ideas for renovation were really innovative. Looking forward to trying out some... Visit - http//ww.lifeel*

              • 5089
              Michael Pipe said :Guest Report 7 years ago

              Thanks Mark. Yes, I had already narrowed the field down to Fronius, which luckily also appear to be reliable, and reasonably priced, at least here in SA.

              • SA 5162
              Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

              Hi Michael If you are looking for a non-Chinese built inverter you will really limit you to Fronius! Even SMA is now made in China - and I wouldn't go near ABB if you want good warranty service. Can't go wrong with Fronius. Mark

                Michael Pipe said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                My Samil 2.2kw inverter suddenly stopped working - "relay failure" - just out of warranty. Contacted installer who said he could supply a "refurbished" unit with new circuit part, the excuse being that the original models were made with a part which isn't tolerant to voltage spikes. If this was corrected in later models, why didn't Samil offer to replace the part whilst still under warranty? I will not be taking up the offer of a "refurbished" unit (no idea where they get them from). But an offer from Samil wouldn't go astray, as these units are certainly not "fit for purpose", which is an essential requirement for any goods sold. However it is evident that Samil will not reply to my emails etc. Best solution - avoid any Chinese made inverter and buy a reliable European made model, which I will be doing soon.

                • SA 5162
                John said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                My Solar River ,Samil inverter went faulty last week.I've contacted them on their warranty site,and now I need to get an electrician,at my own expense, to take this thing of the garage wall.They said they will send someone to pick it up,but now I can't get throught to them.My installer Nicholls Solar of Brisbane,have apparently went into liquidation in 2016,and the company who have bought from the liquidator,data,phone numbers,and even the location refuse to help.It is even called Nicholls Group,the same one,I believe who sold me this system. Customers loses again,and the directors,just walk off,and start again, with nearly an identical company.Disgraceful. John

                • 4306
                wayne lawrence said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                Yes i have had the same problems with samil i have been in touch over 40 times email and phone. They have admitted inverter is faulty 18 months old with 10.5 year warranty. I am discusted with the way they treat all claims no idea if or when they will be giving me a new inverter for my customer. Any ideas about all getting together and taking them on with the law it is breaking.

                • de736tg
                Don McKenzie said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                Thanks Mark, Our closest service agent is Australia, I cannot remember who put me onto Samil, as normal once you have a product you notice all the better ones! Once upon a time batteries to gird tie systems were unheard of... When I was looking that is, but it seems to be a great option once you have a reliable Inverter. We were getting dollar for dollar (36c including GST) for grid contributions but now 7c (per kw) hence looking to battery upgrade options. Thanks for the read.

                • 3189
                Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                Hi Dan, It may often be a faulty isolator or even panels that cause an system failure. This could even blow the inverter. Your issue in wet wether may be a faulty panel. That can be difficult to find. The problem i find is when we have tested it and have found it is an inverter issue, Samil are ridiculously bad to deal with, and generally won't respond about a warranty unless you hassle them daily. Either way, I wouldn't be going back to Samil for a battery. It surprises me they are still have a presence in Australia. Maybe Samil in NZ are more responsive than they are in Australia? Mark Cavanagh

                  Don McKenzie said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                  Hi Mark, Interesting reading. I have a Samil 10kw inverter but with 8kw of panels. Its been installed now four years. A lot of the articles certainly sounded a bit trying on the consumers. I don't know what the symptoms of the failures were but noticed the flashing red light was mentioned. Ha I had that sometime ago. And found that the isolater box my sparkies put in on the roof was full of water, yep, the box was cracked, go figure. Got a new ones (two boxes, both cracked and full of water) myself and is all good. I have two strings of solar panels and one string seems to falter in continued wet weather so must have a bad connection somewhere as the Inverter will not function if there is an earth leak. My inverter is a Grid-tied one and I am looking at ways to convert it to battery storage with an auto off grid function. I see that Samil have a Solar Tank but the specs may not suit NZ standards.

                  • 3189
                  Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                  Hi David, We are trying a warranty claim for our customer at the moment. Ring them every day and you might get something. Try calling Jack from Samil on 0424888772 Mark

                    David said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                    Hi my Samil inverter is broken with the red light flashing tried the reboot but still the same.The system was installed 13/11/13 is it worth me trying a warranty claim or just buy a new inverter.Tried phoning Samil but no answer now just about to fill in warranty form.

                    • B97 5ys
                    Bill Flint said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                    Hello Bill Flint again. I have to correct a grave error I made in my previous rant. Samil Power address is not Lavender St Milsons Point, that is the address of Sungrow who I apologise to as they are a quality organisation. The address of Samil is: Unit 5 2 railway Pde Lidcome N.S.W. I google earthed it and there is a large commercial complex at that address. once again Go get Em. Good luck from Bill Flint.

                    • 4221
                    Bill Flint said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                    Yet another Samil customer same bull as everyone else our inverter failed due to relay failure last saturday 11th feb 2017. phone # 1300134793 and #0296437788 are set up to fail with operator #9010 cuts conection Emails same set up to fail. When I completed the waranty ticket the site is progammed to auto respond with confirmation of a successfull waranty claim !Now! Samils address is unit5 61 Lavender St Milsons Point 2061 Go get em folks. Bill Flint.

                    • 4221
                    Keith Jones said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                    Hi, I had a 1.5 kw solar panel system installed on my house. The contractors have installed a Solar River (Samil Power) inverter with the system. In the three years of input I have gone through three inverters which take approximately seven weeks to be delivered. I have been so frustrated with the company who installed the unit and also with Samil Power that I decided to get a more trusted inverter installed at a cosy of $1700. My 1.5kw system has now cost me over $4000. I have been in contact with the installation company and also with Samil Power and they refuse to credit the "so called" warranty replacement so I have been in contact with Fair Trading Queensland ( who by the way have an income in Queensland but don't work). My assumption of "Fair Trading" is someone who looks after the Customers interests. What a joke, their reply " That's what Courts are for". I no longer believe in Public Servants, I only believe in people in Government Departments who get promoted out of their job because they cannot do it. wayfarerkeith. P.S. I worked for Telstra so I know Government Departments

                    • 4655
                    Maggie Sukera said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                    I recently noticed my power bills going up and up. Turned out the Inverter had carked it. Lots of problems at first with Samil but I do now have a new inverter that I had delivered free but had to pay a person myself to install. Cost me $110 but I had lost far more than that in solar savings to I thought why would I bother with trying to get the money from Samil The original installation company won't have anything to do with them anymore as they owe them money. Just found this site when I was going to fill out the return form for them to pick up the faulty inverter.

                    • 3909
                    Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                    Write Your Comment Here.

                      Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                      Hi Sally We had luck with one Samil inverter recently. Squeaky wheel makes gets the oil, but I guess it doesn't help if they are not answering their phone.

                        Sally McDonald said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                        I have had dealings with Samil over the past fortnight and have now come to a brick wall. Sent the warranty claim and they said I should have the inverter dismantled and ready for return to their workshop in Sydney which has been done and now nothing. No replies and unable to get through by internet or phone.

                        • 4570
                        Nick said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                        Samil power are a joke. Good luck getting hold of them. Ring the number, does not even dial. Never buy one of there products now or in the future.

                        • 2300
                        Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                        H Denis, as I understand it, under Australian Consumer Law, it is the responsibility of the company who sold you the system. But while Samil is still around, it's best dealing with them I guess. I'm not sure why Samil bother to stay in business in Australia. They are useless with warranties so have lost the trust of the industry. I can't imagine them selling many inverters ever again - even if they do improve it. Let us know if you have any luck.

                          Dennis Jones said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                          I have just returned my samil invertor to samil at the installers request to get warranty. This was 15 days ago and was told by Samil that I would have the invertor back by today. As yet nothing. I contacted the electrical company I bought the solar system from who said that he would not be replacing the invertor at his expense but it was my problem. I am pretty cheesed off. The system is just over 12months old

                          • 4551
                          Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                          Hi Nicola, Samil have been a pain, but more importantly, who sold you the system? It is first their responsibility. If they have gone bust, call my team at MC Electrical. 32683836. We will help you with your warranty.

                            Nicola said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                            I am currently going through the warranty process for my Samil Inverter - I am getting now where fast - loosing money on my solar each day. After lodging the claim 7 days ago, and not hearing a word. I was told to pay an electrician and send the inverter to Samil - all at my own cost! Is this really the correct procedure when my inverter is under warranty!!!!

                            • 4124
                            Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                            Interesting! Thanks for letting us know. Let's hope they keep it up. Unfortunately, I think it will be hard for them to regain any type of reputation - but we'll see!

                              Amanda McDowell said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                              Our Inverter was put in this morning by a representative from Samil he was not sure if it was a refurbished one as he normally replaces them with these!! But as ours was sent direct to us he feels it may be a new one!! Let's see how we go. Amazing how they suddenly got in contact with you !!

                              • 4507
                              Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                              Great News Samil! Hopefully you come through with the goods this time.

                                Samil power said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                We(Samil Power) have neither gone broke nor bust. We do apologize for the inconveniences and delays during the past several months. But Samil always honor the warranty, if you need support from us, please contact us directly on 0296437788 or go to our online helpdesk:

                                • 2414
                                Amanda McDowell said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                Had to open box Inverter looks brand new a company called sunshinesolarelectrics are going to be putting it in. They were surprised that I had it !! So will find out this week !!

                                • 4507
                                Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                Wow, so they are still around! Thanks for letting us know! We'll keep hassling them then!

                                  Amanda McDowell said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                  I have had a broken inverter since May and have emailed Jack and then had to fill out a form back in April then nothing so began again I got an on line person who says they had none available but we could purchase another for a small amount!! It was much larger so said no the long and short is supposedly getting one sent this week!! One suddenly appeared!! As you said probably a second hand one I am so frustrated and don't know where to go now.

                                  • 4507
                                  Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                  Bugger. The problem with this is that as a supplier to the customer, we are responsible to the customer if the inverter manufacturer goes bust, or refuses to cooperate. Samil really have made a mess out of their warranty issues.

                                    Allan Christensen said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                    Installed 72kw of solar March-June 2014 6x10kw 2x22kw just had one 10kw replaced last month after waiting 5weeks for new replacement, but went through my supplier All Australian Solar,now trying to get work cost warranty is a challenge no after work warranty form and my supplier said they give up trying

                                    • 4370
                                    Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                    Hi Tash, I'm surprised you had one replaced last month - The best and quickest way we can help you is to replace it with a decent inverter - but this obviously costs more. Call us on 32683836 tomorrow and we can work out the best way to get it sorted.

                                      Tash said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                      I need help I've had one I inveter replaced last month from samil and has just stopped already last Friday the lights have all turned off. I'm so fed up and have just emailed them a nasty email and to make matters worse I received $6.16 this is crap!! Please help me

                                      • 4865
                                      Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                      Hi Judi, I'm surprised to hear that you got through to Samil! As far as I understand, it is fair play for them to give you a reconditioned one. I would be hassling them every day until they send you it. And call consumer affairs!

                                        judi said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                        hi i phoned Samil today about replacing my faulty inverter as my electrician doesnt want to deal with them Samil said it will take about 4 weeks i asked him if the replacement is a new one and he said no that they send a reconditioned one so i said basically i get someone elses broken one that you have repaired he told me to fill out a warranty claim we will have to wait and see what happens next i may ring consumer affairs

                                          Brad Ordner said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                          Hi, I found this post about Samil. I went through another company to get my warranty and he has gone quiet. I have emailed and phoned Samil and nothing. Have you had any success?

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