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Infinity Solar Power Closed Down

Infinity Power, previously know as Infinity Solar went into liquidation on 19 February 2016.  Another Brisbane Solar company gone bankrupt, bust, insolvent, kaput.

A sad day for all the employees of a top Brisbane Solar company. An unfortunate day for Infinity’s past customers who will no doubt be asking: What happens to my solar warranty?

*DISCLAIMER: MC Electrical is not affiliated with Infinity Solar or any other third party sales companies. However, we have over 12 years experience in the solar industry. So, if you’re having issues with your Infinity Solar Install, Give us a call today on 07 3268 3836 so that we can get your solar system producing power like it was meant to. 

Service & Repairs

“What happens to my solar warranty?”

The good news is that Infinity had a reputation as a quality solar company. A few years ago, one of my Electricians moved from Brisbane started working for Infinity. I catch up with him from time to time. He still swears – even though he lost his job with Infinity, that the quality of their installation and product was second to none. I would argue second only to MC Electrical.

However what happens if something does go wrong with your Infinity Solar System? Your warranty generally comes in three parts. Your inverter warranty, your panel warranty, and your workmanship warranty.

Is my Infinity inverter warranty still valid?

Infinity solar generally used quality solar inverters. As of June 2016, all inverter manufacturers used by Infinity are honouring their product warranty. While the inverter manufacturer will honour the product warranty but you will generally have to pay for the cost of the labour to diagnose and replace the unit. If you are in the greater Brisbane area, we can help with that.

Here is a list of inverters that Infinity used to Install:

If you had an SMA inverter installed, that’s probably not your problem. However from time to time SMA inverters do fail, and the product will be covered under warranty. In most cases, SMA requires that an electrician attends site and calls SMA tech support to identify that it is in fact the inverter that is faulty. The labour content is paid by the homeowner.

Aurora / ABB.
ABB has had their fair share of issues with their inverters failing. To put a number on that, without exaggeration, we would replace one or 2 ABB inverters each week for the past year. However, to their credit, ABB do honour their product warranty.

Selectronics are an Australian-built hybrid and off grid inverter/charger manufacturer. Selectronics a stable and quality manufacturer- you won’t have issues with warranty. We charge a service call to diagnose and replace.

Selectronics partnered with German build Kaco inverter and became their distributor in Australia. Your Kaco warranty will be honoured via Selectronics. We can help with that.

If your inverter is Fronius, you will have no problems. We are Fronius service partners so can easily help you with that. Your warranty will be honoured.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Enphase anymore, they are a great product. We have installed thousands of Enphase micro-inverters before regulation changes affected their viability. Enphase can help us remotely diagnose your issue as long as your system is still connected to the internet.

Why a company like Infinity continued to installed Zeversolar is beyond me. They are a cheap Chinese inverter that use the SMA brand for marketing power. But the few we installed failed within 12 months. They are backed by SMA, so claiming warranty on the product (not the labour) through us will not be an issue.

Is my Infinity Solar Panels warranty still valid?

In most cases, yes. Infinity generally used quality solar panels. However identifying faulty panels can take a little more work to identify, so you will be out of pocket a little for the labour. These are the main panels that Infinity power used:

Solar World.
Solar World is the last of the true German Made panels. You would have paid a bit if you chose SolarWorld panels, and I‘d be surprised if the panel is your concern. SolarWorld was still a Bloomberg tier 1 panel manufacturer in Q1 2016

Schott was a quality German manufacturer. We’ve never come across warranty issues with Schott. It seems they no longer have a presence in Australia but we’ll give your warranty a schott.

QCells is a high-quality panel with a solid reputation and a significant presence in Australia. If you have any issues with your QCells panels, then QCells will honour your warranty.

Trina is a huge player in the Australian solar market with the largest Tier 1 in-house module Manufacturer in the Bloomberg Tier 1 list in Q1 2016. You shouldn’t have a problem with warranties should your Trina panels fail.

Jinko is a big player but isn’t the best panel on the market. In the past, we have had issues with Jinko warranties, but if you push the point, you should be fine.

SunPower is the world’s best solar Panel. The salesman was telling you the truth. MC Electrical have just become partners with SunPower. You won’t have any issues with their warranty should you ever need it.

I’ve got bad news. CSUN is an embarrassment to the Bloomberg Tier 1 list. Their panels today are cheap and nasty. CSUN was a more recent addition to Infinity’s list. If your system has CSUN panels, I’d put my money on the fault being with your panels. I wouldn’t bank on your warranty, but I’ve never needed to try.

REC Panels.
REC make a quality Non-Chinese tier 1 panel. With their headquarters in Norway, the panels imported to Australia are manufactured in Singapore. REC still has a strong presence on the Bloomberg Tier 1 list and a firm market share in Australia. Your warranty shouldn’t be an issue.

Is my Infinity workmanship warranty still valid?

No. I’m afraid not – but it’s not all bad. While poor workmanship is common with companies that used junior transient sub-contractors, Infinity had workmanship under control. Most of their installation was done by their long-term employees on wages, rather than by transient sub-contractor that took short cuts because they got paid per job. Infinity Solar took quality seriously and regularly inspected the installations.
However, problems can arise with any workmanship.

If your Solar Power system is down or under-performing, call us on 07 3268 3836 and we’ll be able to get you back to producing an abundance of clean green solar power energy.

Lessons Learnt

It is alarming how many Brisbane solar businesses have preceded Infinity Solar and have gone bust, insolvent, into receivership, bankrupt, liquidation, administration, or whatever you care to label it. It calls for solar companies once again to examine their own business principals. So what can we learn from these companies to ensure the longevity of MC Electrical?

Infinity Solar / Infinity Power seemed to do things right. They sold quality products at the right price. They were all over quality installations and lead the industry with the best installation practices.

It seems rapid growth was their downfall. We had a young fat company that once again became a victim to the ups and downs of the industry. Infinity solar only began a few years before MC Electrical. Their aggressive moves, turning them into a national company so quickly, made them top heavy. A lean fit man will hang onto that roller coaster and come out with a smile on his face. Infinity, like so many before, got greedy, then got fat. When the coaster took some loop-de-loops followed by a sharp downturn, they lost their stomach and became yet another victim to the ride that -we who remain, so fondly call the Solar Coaster.

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68 Comments on Infinity solar in liquidation – what happens to my warranty?

Davina2022 said :Guest Report 2 months ago

Hi Burt, we recommend Crystal Clear Solar if you're in Brisbane:

    Burt Johns said :Guest Report 3 months ago

    Could you recommend someone to clean our 16 solar panels & approximate cost? FYI We acquired the panels& Inverter from Infinity in 2011.

    • 4074
    Neville and Jennifer Zerner said :Guest Report 6 months ago

    Hi Mark, Just to give you some background. We had Infinity Solar installed with 22 panels and an inverter. Infinity Solar was then operating out of Unit 10, 64 Sugar Road, Maroochydore Qld 4558 Phone: 07 5443 2172 We understand the panels have broken down or are breaking down and at the moment are not producing at all. We got another quote from One Planet Solar just recently and they want to install new panels and an inverter this Thursday, 23 November, 2023. We had tried to contact Infinity Solar when we were aware the panels were under performing but to no avail. The Infinity Tax Invoice dated 01.06.2012 says the description is as follows:- 5.5 Kw Solar Panel Grid Connect System Trina TSM-PC/PA05A 250 watt poly solar panel (22) Sunny Boy SB 5000TL-20 String Inverter (1) Installation as required Accessories (Cabling, Racking & Equipment) Sales Contact was Rod Nak Sales Contract Number: 0488 994 684 We do not really know if the inverter is actually "kaput" or even if all the remaining panels are "kaput". We had an electrician come in and assess the system and he removed three panels which were all "crased" and they now reside in our shed. After reading the web page above, we are seeking advice re our Infinity Solar System. Is any of it repairable? or salvageable? We need to investigate this prior to purchasing any other solar system? We will ring you after I have sent this query but will give you time to peruse this query. For all we know, you may have been the electricians who installed our system???? Desperately in need of guidance and assistance...........Jennifer and Neville Zerner

    • 4570
    Don johnson said :Guest Report 8 months ago

    Schott solar panels are failing. They are only generating about 50% of there output. These panels were installed on the 21/05/2012.they are still under warranty. Thanks don Johnson.

    • 4816
    Devina Rogers said :Guest Report 9 months ago

    Hi Elwyn, we recommend contacting Julian Saxby from Brisbane Solar Repairs if you're in North Brisbane, or Dan from DRC Electrical if you're on the southside of Brisbane for solar panel replacements.

      Julie Fisher said :Guest Report one year ago

      We need to get serial numbers of faulty Trina solar panels installed by Infinity 10 years ago to chase warranty. We are not getting expected power from our 4.5 kw system.

      • 4051
      Mark C said :administrator Report 2 years ago

      HI Twee, I would assume that panel was imported and white labelled by infinity solar, so they are not around anymore. Unfortunately there is no point in having a 10-year warranty for a panel that won't be around for that long.

        Twee said :Guest Report 2 years ago

        Hi, The solar company I used to install my solar has closed down. The installation was in 2014. The Growatt invertor is out of warranty as it was only 5 years but the panels I can't seem to locate the manufacture. It was Infinity 250watt panels. Can you help please. Thanks, Twee

        • 4035
        Elliot said :Guest Report 3 years ago

        Hi Ian. That sounds like significant under-performance, provided there are no shading issues that is.

          Elliot said :Guest Report 3 years ago

          Hi Lloyd. The panel serial number is usually on a sticker on the back of the panel. Some manufacturers put it on the front along the edge.

            Ian DONALDSON said :Guest Report 3 years ago

            I am a renter of a property in Kelso, N.Qld that has a 6.6kw power system on the carport roof installed by Infinity Solar. It has an Aurora Inverter. I am concerned about the power output which I believe is below par for this area considering the unit is in a full sun location. I have been monitoring the E-day output at around 5pm daily and seeing an average around 7.5kWh. I was under the impression that this unit would supply around 20kWh daily. My question is : is this system operationg on or below par? If below par then I will need to advise my landlord.

            • 4815
            Elwyn Hodges said :Guest Report 3 years ago

            I had an infinity Solar 3kw using schott 235w polly panels in May 2012. System is still working to spec as far as I can tell. However, one of the Schott panel surfaces appear shattered or crazed. Is this normal and what is the process to have it replaced (is there any warranty on the panel)

            • 4164
            Ann Hollingsworth said :Guest Report 4 years ago

            My Zeversolar is showing (checking 69SS) and counts down to (error code 3)

            • 4871
            Mark C said :administrator Report 4 years ago

            Hi Tom, We're unfortunately I don't know anyone in stanhope that does service work. However it sounds like one string is down so maybe a simple fix.

              Tom Page said :Guest Report 4 years ago

              My friend and I both have 5Wk Infinity systems installed approx 2011. We are running SMA Sunny Boy inverters but not sure on panels. Last quarter I produced 1900Kwh, his produced 800Kwh. Similar results for the previous quarter. I have had no issues but looks like my friends is not performing to peak level. What service options do we have living in Stanthorpe. Do you come this way or can you recommend someone closer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tom

              • 4380
              lloyd sawtell said :Guest Report 4 years ago

              had 20 trina 180w panels fitted sept 2010. 1 panel has gone all crinkled and changing color. have contacted trina, and they requested a panel no. which I cannot find any where on the panel. the system was installed by infinity solar. what is the next step. hope you can help. lloyd.

              • 4887
              Daniel ramsden said :Guest Report 4 years ago

              Who do I need to contact about Trina panels failing fitted by infinity solar

              • 4818
              Mark C said :administrator Report 4 years ago

              Hi Jody, I believe Solarworld is no longer in business. But you can try PHONE: +49 228 55920-220 SERVICE@SOLARWORLD-GLOBAL.COM

                Jody Wellington said :Guest Report 4 years ago

                I had my solar power system installed years ago. I have had my panels recently checked and they are not working properly. My panels are Solar World panels. I don't know where my paperwork is for my purchase. Could you give me some contact details on how to claim my warranty. I have the serial numbers for all panels. Thank you

                • 4817
                Michael Kant said :Guest Report 5 years ago

                Hello, this is Michael from sonnen systems. Infinity Solar installed a couple tracking systems in NSW and in QLD. I was contacted by some owners to service them but I would like to contact as many of them as possible to find out if they need support, too. If anyone knows owners of tracking systems installed by Infinity Solar please share with me Thanks

                • L5L1X2
                Joe Bazan said :Guest Report 5 years ago

                Hi, I’m also an orphan of Infinity. I live In Maryborough, Qld. I need warranty work on my Trina panels but I’m having trouble getting a local technician to undertake the warranty work. Would you happen to know anyone in my area that I could call? Thanks

                • 4650
                Justin said :Guest Report 5 years ago

                Back in Dec 2018 i was a customer of infinity Solar, I'm not surprised they didn't go bankrupt sooner. Worst customer experience i have ever had alot of issues, even wired the install wrong which energex fixed upon the new Digital meter installation. But in saying that my small Schott Panel 2.1kw system with a fronius inverter is still going strong. once i get a new shed will be looking at a 10kw system.

                • 4118
                carl said :Guest Report 5 years ago

                I have a aurora inverter with Solarworld panels that when i get a bit of rain or moisture the panels actually come up with a low resistance reading and/or dont work all the time. Do you know what we can do for warranty for Solarworld panels???

                • 4858
                Mark C said :administrator Report 5 years ago

                Sorry Annette, We don't deal with hot water at all.

                  Annette Flintham said :Guest Report 5 years ago

                  Infinity installed our solar system which has become a big problem with split hot water panels. Can you help in any way please. The amount if wzteff we are losing is catastrophic. Finding someone to hekp us is problematic. Annette

                  • 4521
                  Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

                  Hi James. I think you have made the common mistake of reading the "feed-in" amount of your bill and taken that as your total solar generation. You would need to get the information from your inverter as to how much it has produced. In Brisbane, a 4kW system would produce about 10 to 15kW on a good day at this time of year. To get a rough idea, look on the screen of your inverter you should be able to see how much you have produced in certain periods, or simply see what it is producing at the end of a good day. Otherwise, give someone like "solar service guys" a call, and when they come out, ask them to show you how to check the system is producing enough.

                    James Allan said :Guest Report 6 years ago

                    Hi Mark I have a infinity solar system that seems to be playing up it’s a 4kw SMA Inverter system. Just got my power bill and it only generated 46 kWh from January till April for 3 months that doesn’t seem correct. Can you help. Cheers James

                    • 4165
                    Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

                    Hi Margaret. I would call Solar Service Guys. They are Brisbane based, but I believe they service Toowoomba.

                      Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

                      Hi John. Instantaneous (KW) figures are an inaccurate way to check panel performance. To get more accurate figures you would need to get the KWH the system is producing over a month or a year. Compare that to what that system should have been producing (accurate estimates can easily be produced). But let's assume you are correct and the performance is well under what it should be. Schott panels have Schott through as far as I am aware. Unfortunately claiming a performance warranty is only realistic if either the manufacturer or installation company is still around.

                        John Gray said :Guest Report 6 years ago

                        We had a 2kw system installed by Infinity Solar in March 2009. It included 9x 210w Schott panels and it worked beautifully until about 12 months ago when I noticed that the output had dropped significantly. We had a new array added about 15months ago (6x260w). At the moment it (new) is producing 1265w (Western roof) and the Schott panels are only producing about 975w (Northern roof). Previously they would have been up around 1600-1700w. This indicates that they are only producing about 60% at best while the Schott warranty states that after 10years they should be still performing at 90% and 20years at 80%. Obviously there is problem with the Schott panels. Is there anything that can be done about this under warranty? What do you suggest.

                        • 2478
                        Romana said :Guest Report 6 years ago

                        Thanks Mark for the reply, l just rang your office today regarding our own little problem, as my previous post was a question from a friend in another town. We have a two powador inverters, 3.5kw on each side of a peaked shed roof , we are stand alone, with genny back up, the genny has only ever kicked in once in 4 years when the batteries get to 70%, but today the batteries were full, sun shining, and the genny started up - running for nearly 2 hours, so l turned the genny off, and have rung the Powador folks in Melb, no reply back yet, as l could only raise a support ticket, and did not get to speak to anyone, but the inverter showed that it was charging again from the panels a minute after shutting down the genny. You gave me a number to call for Solar Service Guys, they do not service Powador, Selectronic systems. Just to let you know.

                        • 4352
                        Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

                        Hi Ramana. Yes unfortunately "snail trails" are not covered by warranty, because it normally would occur from rough installers, someone walking on the panels (during or after installation) or through severe hail storms. To avoid this, the only panel you can get that won't get snail trails is Sunpower (read my SunPower blog). I would agree that it probably won't cause any significant power loss, so it wouldn't be worth swapping them out. Keep monitoring your system performance, and that should let you know. Mark

                          Romana Marriage said :Guest Report 6 years ago

                          A friend just sent me this email........ The sunny boy inverter for our solar panels was red lighting with a spanner symbol at 6.30 am Tue and Wed. I climbed onto shed roof and found 3 cells in 3 different panels with'" snail trails" (fine cracks that let water in). Once the dew dried all worked as normal. This is on our later 9 panels we installed in April 15. The other 12 from 2012 are fine. I tried to phone INFINITY SOLAR in Toowoomba as they installed both sets but they have disappeared (broke). Subsequent inquires about the Q panels installed indicate that a Korean company have bought Q panels supplies Australia and refuse to honour the 20 year guarantee for "snail trail "damage. Last night I covered the worst cell so no dew could wet it and there was no problem this morning, however, I don't want to get on the shed roof twice a day to prevent this problem. Solar Energy, Toowoomba say that the panels will probably work OK but as more water seeps in that part of the panel may develop HOT SPOTS and eventually break down. What can he do please, is there any advise?

                          • 4352
                          Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

                          Hi Peter, We refer all service work onto Solar Service Guys atm. Were backlogged installing our own systems at the moment!

                            Peter Hallam said :Guest Report 6 years ago

                            Hi mc , seeking contact just to check my infinity solar system . Possibly a possum has knocked the wiring to one row of solar panels,thank you. Peter Hallam 0407147061 or 07 32752563.

                            • 4107
                            Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                            Hi Jeff, Yes, it would be normally, unless it was due to house movement or someone walking on the panels. (With infinity gone under, you no longer have warranty.)

                              margaret said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                              Just wondering i have a system put in by infinity solar and it is now coming up with fault code DO13H. Who do i get to look at it. Toowoomba queensland area please

                              • 4352
                              Jeff said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                              I had Infinity Solar put on in Townsville 2012 and for a couple months to a year I have noticed water leaking in through my roof. I have had a roof labourer inspect my roof and he reckons its coming from the solar panels installed. Would this be covered by workmanship warranty?

                              • 4818
                              Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                              Hi Jenny. No, I don't know anyone in Cairns. I'd contact Zeversolar Directly if I were you. They may be able to help.

                                Jenny Conroy-Murphy said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                Hi Mark.. I am in Cairns and bought with infinity Solar in August 2015. I have recently noticed Error code 3 and a red light on my zeversolar system. Do you have a phone no of someone in Cairns I can call for help. Thanking you Jenny..

                                • 4879
                                sandi Hoolahan said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                Hi I bought a german system so they said nearly 5 years ago and have had no problems until these last 3 months electricity payment, before with my solar hot water as well, I was getting a 300 cheque and not I am paying 3 to 400 electricity bill. I went through a company who sold the business off to Lightleasing and do not have hardly any paperwork from them, Lightleasing is a part of Infinity. The package we got was a high quality system dearer because we were paying some of it off as lease not outright and promise in writing was if we did not see performance over a few months to what it should have been they would reimburse us. We did not get computer set up so we could track the inverter etc or anything they told us we would get. I can not find Lightleasing anywhere on internet. but they are still taking an exorbitant 136 a month from my bank. The solar panels were said to last 15 years with maybe a slow down at the 10 yr mark and it has lasted approx 3 to 4 yrs only. who can I ring is there an umbudsman for this, I feel I got lied to and this is costing me 17,000 by the time I finish paying it off and yet now is not saving me hardly anything in my bill

                                • 4650
                                Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                                Hi, Brad. With recent changes to Qld legislation, you cannot increase the number of panels on your roof. Technically you need to replace that panel with a 250W panel, in reality, you would get away with putting a 260 or 265W panel (it may be easier to find a 265) It may be simpler and more cost effective just to remove the smashed panel, and run the system on 20 panels. You would need a local contractor to do this obviously. For small jobs like this, i usually recommend Solar Service Guys.

                                  Brad Ford said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                  Hi, I recently noticed that one of my QCell panels has shattered. Will this affect the solar yield from that panel or bank of panels? A few months ago, I did notice an error message on the SMA inverter display with a little spanner showing, however this righted itself the next day, so I'm unsure if the two are related. Which is the best course of action - contact QCell to see if this is covered by warranty or contact my insurance company. I am thinking of adding some new panels. Can this be done and not affect my 50 cent feed in tariff. I currently have 21 x 250W panels. Thanks.

                                  • 4075
                                  Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                                  Hi Barbara, I'm not sure, but it will probably be a huge battle if you did manage to contact them as they don't have a reputation to uphold. You are probably better just replacing the faulty panels. If the system was installed in the last three years this may be fairly affordable. Mark.

                                    Barbara Dangaard said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                    Hi Just hoping you can let us know how we go about contacting Schott about faulty panels installed by Infinity as Schott no longer make solar panels. Have emailed the Australian company and have a local company trying to contact them as well. Panels should still be under warranty.

                                    • 4865
                                    Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                                    Hi Mary, at the moment we are not doing service, so I'd recommend solar service guys. After 5 years or more, it's not a bad idea!

                                      Mary said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                      Hi Mark, just been reading through your informative blogs. I had my 3kw solar system installed by SolarLife in 2010. SMA Inverter with Conergy panels. Tried calling them to check whether I should have a health check carried out on my system but message says number no longer connected. Are you aware if this company has gone out of business? Cheers, Mary

                                      • 4551
                                      Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                                      Hi Jill, We can give it a go! Ben will email you.

                                        Geoff said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                        For Michael Tommassen, I too have 5kw SMA inverter (Trina panels) installed mid 2011 by Infinity. A couple of weeks ago I got same message on Inverter. James Taylor Electrical have been out and confirmed its the panels not inverter. They've shut down the system and placing warranty replacement with Trina. Apparently a known issue with a batch of panels from that time which Trina are said to stump up for without hassle. Could be a fire issue if not shut down/fixed.

                                        • 4178
                                        Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                                        Hi, Michael, you would probably have a fault with your panels. I'd call a local solar company. Solar Service Guys are good for service work on 1300 77 4897. If they find it is your inverter, the warranty of the SMA is usually 5 years, so you may be in luck if you have your receipt. You can call SMA on 0294914200.

                                          Michael Thomassen said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                          My SMA 5kW inverter is displaying a 'Check Generator' and 'Isolation Resistance' message along with the spanner icon being highlighted. The system was installed by Infinity Solar in 2011/2012. Do you have any contact information for SMA in Qld that would be useful and are you aware of how long the warranties for these units are? I'm on the Sunshine coast and would (like everyone) love to get the system back up and running. Regards Mick

                                          • 4573
                                          Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                                          Hi Brum, Yes infinity has gone down Australia wide. Aurora is now ABB, so ABB are handling the warranties of Aurora inverters (if they are are in the warranty period, ie; less than 5 years old). In saying that they are fairly slack with timeframes so don't hold your breath. Call ABB on 0297353111. Mark

                                            Brum said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                            number 4 inverter has failed , Aurora ,has anybody had this problem & infinity in cairns is out of buisness

                                            • 4870
                                            Katrina McAnally said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                            We have a error code on our Aurora system. Apparently it's a known fault it's just past its warranty and when infinity installed it said we would have 10yrs warranty. The error code is internal error E01. Can these be repaired or do we need to buy a new one. I am so annoyed we were not notified of these guys going bust. We are in cairns. Anyone we can contact in cairns to look at our system.

                                            • 4869
                                            Mark C said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                                            Hi Elisabeth. If you want to relocate the system to another property - don't. It's not worth it. Or did you mean to relocate it to a different part of the house? Mark

                                              Elizabeth Woods said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                              We installed with Infinity in 2014. I was hoping to relocate the system, now. What is your advice, please?

                                              • 4110
                                              Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 7 years ago

                                              Hi Jill, No I don't have any contact sorry. Mark

                                                Jill horsburgh said :Guest Report 7 years ago

                                                Looking to contact Dion Rayner who worked for Infinity do u have a forwarding address please?

                                                • 4519
                                                Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                                Hi Rob, I am building a list of quality installers around Australia, but I don't know anyone in the Mackay area as of yet. Let me know if you find someone who seems reliable!

                                                  Rob Spark said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                                  Hi I have an Infinity system that has a Solarmax inverter and the system is not working fan does not go or anything. Do you know who I can contact to get it looked at. The system was installed in July 2013 and I am in the Mackay area.

                                                  • 4737
                                                  Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                                  Hi Naomi, Your warranty on your panels and inverter should still be valid if the manufacturers are in Business. Infinity generally used quality panels and inverters so you should be ok there. You probably will have to pay for an electrician for the work though. Call a local solar Electrician. Try Fusion Solar & Electrical on 0747 746 139 or 0413 254 834.

                                                    Naomi said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                                    I had Infinity Solar put on in Townsville early Feb 2012 and had no problems until Jul this year. I rang Infinity power several times since , when I finally get some one to answer the phone I was assured that someone would attend to the Solar system at the property and that system was under warranty. Since the last conversation I had with Infinity Power they too have gone into liquidation. Question where do I stand now?? All I ask is for some to contact me and let me know where I stand.

                                                    • 4814
                                                    Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                                    You would want to get an Electrician that specialises in solar. So yes, that's us, but we are not taking on anymore service work until January. If you can't find anyone, feel free to call us back in January.

                                                      denis parent said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                                      I have an Infinity system in place and over the past year has been under producing; who would do maintenance on these systems now; does MC or any electrician

                                                      • 4870
                                                      Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                                      What a disaster Brian. If infinity have gone under, how are they chasing you for money? Keep us posted!

                                                        brian green said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                                        I didnt know either was a lot cheaper and read the glossy testimonial page. I got caught with a add in local gumtree infinity missed install date had 3 goes at finishing the job still not connected. on the third attempt said there was a crossed neutral in house's wiring had to sign back dated contract .I ended up having finance cancelled ,so now Infinity power is chasing me for 6,000 dollars.So far have been unable to come to an agreement.No wonder they got into trouble.will let you know outcome brian green

                                                        • 2317
                                                        Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                                                        Hey Peter. I guess there will always be a mess left over when a company goes under. A bit rough for all involved. Surprisingly we are not getting too many calls about warranties like we have when other companies like Solar Consultants went under.

                                                          peter said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                                                          How can an insolvent company still sell and install systems? I didn't know they were insolvent and got a 2kw system installed by them an little over 3 months ago. They didn't submit the form A to Ergon so now I'm having to do all their unfinished work. Peter

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