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Great Solar has closed down and left a heap of unhappy customers unhappier. The reality is that liquidation was inevitable: “Great” was a misleading name. So what do you do if you have a Great Solar system that’s not working, is it salvageable and is a warranty still available?

*DISCLAIMER: MC Electrical is not affiliated with Great Solar or any other third party sales companies. However, we have over 12 years experience in the solar industry. So, if you’re having issues with your Great Solar Install, Give us a call today on 07 3268 3836 so that we can get your solar system producing power like it was meant to. 

Service & Repairs

Yes, it is probably salvageable, and yes, it is probably the likely small investment. If Great Solar installed your system, chances are it was installed when the 44c or 52c Queensland feed in tariff was still around. If so, you are sitting on a little gold mine, just your pick handle is broken. The crazy part is the government will chip in to fix that ol’ pick! Here’s the likely damage:

  • If your cheap and nasty panels have failed, you can claim a RECs “rebate” to replace them. If the panel manufacturer still exists, we should be able to get them replaced. You may have to invest $1500 or so.
  • If it’s an installation error, you can get the system generating money again for under $200.
  • If your inverter has failed, it can be replaced under warranty for as little as $200. If the inverter manufacturer has also gone bust, you may be up for $1500 to $2200.
  • At worst case, it may be best to replace your solar system altogether. You’ll want to do it right this time. But the price and quality of solar systems available today make it so much more worth it, even if you don’t have the ridiculously generous 44c feed in tariff. Get an idea of the quality and price you can expect from MC Electrical here.

2017 update. Unfortunately we’re not taking on anymore warranty work. Call your local solar electrician for more advice.

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9 Comments on Great Solar Brisbane is Closed.

Sam Jewel said : Guest Report 3 years ago

Thanks for this

  • 1200
Mark C said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Hi Chris. Look up your panel manufacturer and inverter manufacturer. If they are still around, you should be able to claim warranty.

Chris said : Guest Report 5 years ago

With Greatsolar solution warranty ect has anyone found a solution to get warranty at all. I was told i need a new system? any help Thanks

  • 4810
Mark C said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Hi Santy, We never installed for Great Solar Solutions. But sure we'll contact you today!

Santy Bruwer said : Guest Report 5 years ago

My solar system was installed by MC Electrical but I purchased it from Great Solar Solutions. The inverter started playing up around mid 2018 and by December 2018 a red light was on and now there is nothing. I really noticed it on my electricity bill. I am almost at retirement age and cannot live without aircon and solar. Can one of your service men please call me to discuss the warranty repair of the current inverter and to further install the Canadian system that is currently advertised for $7700. Thank you

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Mark C said : administrator Report 6 years ago

Hi, Jwalesh. We're not taking on service work at the moment. The best contact is SolarService guys if you are in Brisbane. 1300 77 4897

Jwalesh said : Guest Report 6 years ago

I am getting green light on inverter for 2.1 KW solar system but not producing any power. Need service support. Please contact me. Thanks and regards Jwalesh

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Jenny said : Guest Report 7 years ago

Hi my system was installed by great solar and the same thing the red light is on and would like to know what I can do please to get help?

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Britt said : Guest Report 7 years ago

Hi my solar has the red alarm ? Light on did my homework ? found out Greatsolar solutions has gone . Responding to your warranty add etc.. I need help / advice on what I can now to fix it please ! Put in 2012 single mum love the electric bill difference it has made . What do I do next to fix it please ?

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