Why Fronius Solutions Partners Plus Matters (FSP+)

Let’s dive into what it means for MC Electrical to hold the esteemed title of Fronius Solutions Partner Plus (FSP+). 

At MC Electrical, our collaboration with Fronius dates back to 2015. Since then, we’ve been staunch advocates for Fronius inverters – renowned for their reliability, robust support, and sustainable features. Consistently voted as Australia’s top inverter by installers, Fronius inverters offer unparalleled long-term value despite their slightly higher upfront investment.

Our dedication to Fronius hasn’t gone unnoticed. In recognition of our shared values and unwavering commitment, Fronius has honoured us with their highest accreditation: Fronius Solutions Partner Plus status. This designation signifies our alignment with Fronius’s ethos of excellence and innovation.

But what does this mean for you, our valued clients? Let’s break it down:

1. Free Warranty Extension

Fronius inverters usually come with a 5-year warranty covering both parts and labour. Moreover, there’s often a deal for an additional 5-year warranty solely on parts, referred to as 5+5. As an FSP+ partner, you can trust us for expert advice and service.

Standard warranty 5+5 year warranty FSP+ 10 year warranty on parts AND labour
Parts 5 years 10 years 10 years
Labour 5 years 5 years 10 years
Backed by Fronius No No Yes
Details Comes with Fronius inverter automatically. Only valid once customer registers online via Solar.web. Only valid once MC Electrical registers customer online via Solar.Web after purchased and installed by MC Electrical.

2. Priority Access to Stock

Our FSP+ status ensures priority access to Fronius stock, minimising lead times and ensuring timely delivery of equipment for your solar projects.

3. Product Expertise

With our extensive expertise in Fronius inverters, we offer top-notch service from consultation to installation. Understanding their capabilities, we optimise their effectiveness in your solution. Beware of unauthorised sellers; improper installation may void warranty and pose safety risks. Trust us, as an FSP+ partner, for expert advice and service.

4. Serviceability

Fronius inverters are designed to be serviced on-site, reducing the need for unnecessary transportation and minimising environmental impactt. As an FSP+ provider, our certified technicians can swiftly diagnose and resolve inverter issues, minimising downtime and optimising solar system efficiency.

Additionally, our FSP+ partnership grants you exclusive access to the latest Fronius products and innovations, along with comprehensive support and warranty coverage.

Our Fronius Solutions Partner Plus status isn’t just a title – it’s a testament to our dedication to providing you with the highest quality service, support, products and warranties available.

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Mark Cavanagh

Mark is the Owner and Manager of MC Solar & Electrical. He’s an Electrician, accredited solar installer/designer and an electrical contractor.

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