The True Value Solar Battery Ready inverter? It’s not

ABB Battery ready

True Value Solar have been pumping out TV ads in Brisbane touting their “ABB battery ready” solar system. Sounds great – how had I missed the ABB hybrid inverter release date!? So I called my solar supplier and asked for a price and specification so I could look into offering it to our customers. Pat from Supply Partners knew exactly what I was talking about.

“They are not available in Australia yet”….

….Pat advised me. Not that I doubt Pat’s knowledge of ABB, but I had to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. I called ABB and talked with their main man Joseph. “They have only just been released in Europe, and they are still doing testing on it” he chuckled. “Not sure what True Value are up to”.

The battery ready ABB 5000 TL ?

Curiosity got the better of me, so I contacted True Value directly and asked them about their battery ready inverter with 5kW of panels for $4799. They were quick to set me straight – Batteries won’t be at a reasonable price for 2 or 3 years. “So what model is the battery ready ABB” I inquired”. It was ABB PVI 5000 TL they were offering: it’s not battery ready, and it’s nothing new. In fact it’s a rather old model inverter, we have recently moved on from ABB to adopt the more up-to-date Fronius Primo. Come on TVS! What’s that all about? You really are not helping the reputation of the solar industry.

Hanwha Tier 1?

I digressed out of interest and asked if the panels were tier 1.  “They’re tier 2”, offered the helpful telephone staff, “but we offer Hanwha for an additional $40 a panel”. “Oh, Hanwha Q Cells?” I remarked. No, they were talking about the cheap, non-tier 1 Hanwha panels of course. As the conversation continued, I found out that the advertised price of $4799 does not include highest roofs, tile roofs, any switchboard work, etc., etc., etc.

Battery Ready

The battery ready mistruths keep getting spread. True Value are now up to their tricks by spruiking their Bosch inverter as  battery compatible with the sonnenBatterie. Find out the truth about Bosch, and the false hope of the sonnenBatterie by following the links.

2016 is going to be a huge year for batteries, and “TRUE” battery ready inverters. Nicole Tapper has attempted to clear up misconceptions in her post about true battery ready inverters.

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