Sunny Roo Inverter Warranty Brisbane: Repair or Replace?

Sunny Roo Warranty issuesSunny Roo: Repair or replace?

So you have a faulty Sunny Roo inverter, and it’s about time to get it working again. Is it worth repairing, or should you just replace? Be it the SR1500TL, SR2000TL, SR3000TL, SR4200TL  or the SR5000TL the short answer is no – it’s not worth repairing. The Sunny Roo, most commonly installed by Beyond Building, had multiple fatal faults in their power supplies, relays and DC connectors and fuses. We’ve found that if we were repair one of these failures and reinstall the inverter, there would more than likely be another fault waiting to happen. To rebuild it entirely would be cost prohibitive. You can see a list of Sunny Roo fault codes at the bottom of this blog.

Options for replacement

Once bitten twice shy? Here are three options I would recommend as replacements for your faulty Sunny Roo:The Sungrow
This an economical but reliable Chinese inverter with a Ten-year warranty. The new crystal series offers Wifi connectivity. WiFi may seem like a bit of unnecessary bling, but the advantage is in remote monitoring. With your inverter connected to WiFi, future failures of reduced production can be easily identified remotely, without the need for calling an electrician out to site. In the event of a failure, the inverter will even email both you and us (should you allow us to set it up that way). Faulty panels or shading issues can be identified by a simple analysis of the online graphs. And Sungrow is great with their warranties. How do I know? At MC Electrical, we have been the Sungrow warranty agents in South East Queensland since 2012.The Fronius

  1. Fronius inverters are the ants pants and the bees knees of inverters. Out of complete altruism, they now offer an inverter replacement program. It may not be exactly out of the goodness of their hearts, but they do offer a reduced price on their inverters where evidence can be given that it will be used as a replacement. They have all the fancy WiFi thingos that the Sungrow has, and more. AND they have a TEN-year warranty until the end of 2015.
  2. An MC Electrical display or replacement inverter

    At MC Electrical, we are continually testing quality inverters and upgrading systems. At any given time, we will have a handful of display inverters and used inverters that we just want to move on. If you’re looking for a bargain, give us a call, and we’ll see what we have to offer.

    Call Mark or Ryan on (07) 3268 3836The Sunny ROO Error Codes


Sunny Roo Error Codes

Sunny Roo Error Codes

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