Setup of the Sungrow Hybrid with LG Batteries

Working as Sungrow’s warranty agent in South East Qld, Sungrow asked me to do a training video to help with electricians as they install and program the new Sungrow Hybrid SH5kTL inverter.

The Sungrow SH5K and LG Chem is one of several systems that power our office at Eagle Farm. We have them on a display wall – you are welcome to drop in as ask Ryan or myself questions.

We’re currently waiting on our second generation of the Sungrow Hybrid to be sent to our office for testing. The big advantage is that it will continue to run when there is a blackout in “EPS” mode. It should be released in the third quarter 2016 – but we all know these things blow out!


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  1. Did you ever do this got a 2nd hand unit . Would love to understand how to set battery charge at night away from the ess button lol…

    Old post I understand..

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Mark Cavanagh

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