Fronius Solar Web & Why it’s Important

Fronius Solar Web Tutorial

Fronius Solar Web & Why it’s Important

Fronius Solar Web Video

Fronius Solar Web Tutorial Video

So you’ve gone solar…. now what? Well you’ll be glad to know that you made the right decision and even better, now you’re on your way to learning how to make your solar work for you! To do this. you’ll need to know the WHAT & WHEN of your solar system, first though, you’ll want to know WHY. Read on to find out more.

Its all about your Solar Pay Back Period

To get your Solar to pay for itself SOONER you’ll need to consume as much of your solar power in your home as possible.

But how do we do that? Firstly, you will need to have a solar monitoring system similar to Fronius’s Solar Web with your solar system. If you’ve got a very old system then you might need to upgrade your inverter first in order to gain solar monitoring capabilities. We can help with that, Give us a call on 07 3268 3836 to go over your options.

Couple this to a Premium Solar Web account and you have the Key ingredients in the recipe for the Shortest Solar Pay Back Periods Possible… 

What You Will Need

We primarily install Fronius Inverters and for good reason, check out this blog to find out why. On top of this we always recommend having the Fronius Smart Meter installed as an optional extra, this is the gadget required to monitor your electrical consumption in the house as well as see where your solar production is going. Couple this to a Premium Solar Web account and you have the Key ingredients in the recipe for the Shortest Solar Pay Back Periods Possible… Knowing how much power your solar panels are producing and whether or not you’re consuming that power is crucial when it comes to making the most out of your solar system. Knowledge is Key – This saying might get whipped out a little too often, but despite this, it holds true in this case. In order to know why, we’ll need to do a little quick maths – or save us some time and use our handy solar savings calculator. Example, Let’s say “John Smith” made the smart choice and went Solar with MC Electrical. He purchased a mid range system for approximately $6300. This consisted of 6.6kW of Q-Cell 330W Q.Peak Panels installed on his shadeless-north-facing-roof, coupled to a Fronius Primo Inverter and Smart Meter. Which unlocked his ability to use to its full potential.

If we look at the image of the solar calculator, we can see the huge difference in annual savings between using and selling John’s solar production. Here is one I prepared earlier.

Scenario 1 (No Solar Web).

In this scenario John doesn’t know or doesn’t have solar web, he can’t see when his solar is producing a surplus of electricity and so carries on with his consumptions habits like he did before he went solar. Like this, Johns pay back period could go as far south as possible and could take over 5 years to pay for itself. This is because the Electricity Retailer is only giving him 12c per KW that he sends back to the grid. But later on that day when his solar isn’t producing any more, he has to buy that same KW back for 25c. It’s easy to see why pay back period is so much lower in this scenario.

Scenario 2 (Utilising Solar Web).

This time John is equipped with a great understanding of solar web, likely thanks to the below tutorial video. Due to this, he is able to do things like running his pool pump, dishwasher or washing machine when his solar is producing a surplus of electricity. In this method it’s possible for his solar system to pay for itself in just 2 1/2 years. Literally half the time. Sounds Good, Doesn’t it?

Now you know the WHY, It’s time to learn the HOW

In order to get that pay back period right down, you’re going to need to know your way around Solar Web like a pro and then make smart electricity consumption decisions based on the info available there. Since we want your solar system to be as beneficial to you as possible, we’ve included this video tutorial on how to use Fronius’s Solar Web like a pro.

What are your options if you don’t have SOLAR MONITORING?

If you don’t have a smart meter installed, you have a couple of options still.

  1. It’s not too late, in most cases you can still have a Fronius Smart Meter installed after the solar installation, it might cost you more than if you chose to have it installed on the day, but its still your best option.
  2. You can still use Solar Web without a smart meter, you’ll just lose out on consumption data, which adds a bit of guess work in deciding when and where to use power. We have a video tutorial you can use to help you in this case too.

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