Electroy in Liquidation

152 Electroy in Administration

Electroy Solar closed their doors on Friday 4 July 2015.
A sad day for all the employees of a great solar power company, and by all reports a top bloke, Troy Hanifin. An unfortunate day for Electroy’s past customers who will no doubt be asking, “What happens to my solar warranty?”

*DISCLAIMER: MC Electrical is not affiliated with Electroy or any other third party sales companies. However, we have been in the solar industry for over 12 years, we know who does good work and who doesn’t. 

Is my inverter and solar panel warranty still valid?

A further concern is Electroy was taking on the warranty work for Biosolar (who went into liquidation last year) and Five Star Solar Consultants (who are also now insolvent). Fortunately, most solar panel and inverter manufacturers that these companies used are still trading. Your inverter warranty and solar panel warranty should still be valid. MC Electrical have an experienced solar warranty team and is happy to help out with panel or inverter warranty claims. Generally, a service call will be charged to the customer to diagnose the fault, however, most solar panel and inverter manufacturers cover the cost of the second service call to replace the product. Call Ryan or Mark from our technical department on 07 36070090, or our main line, 07 32683836.

Lessons learnt.

It is alarming how many solar businesses have preceded Electroy and have gone bust, bankrupt, insolvent, into receivership, administration, liquidation or whatever you want to label it. It calls for solar companies once again to examine their business principles. So what can we learn from these companies to ensure the longevity of MC Electrical?

  1. Customer satisfaction. In the age of the internet, customer satisfaction is more important to the success of a business than at any other time in history. Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster. It is our aim that every customer is a raving fan of our MC Electrical – so that they can’t help but tell their friends. On the flip side, mistakes will happen in business, so it is always our aim to address any mistake we make as quickly as possible.
    Charging the right price is a big part of customer satisfaction. Ripping people off (BioSolar) will only lead to short-term success while charging too little will not allow for the investment required to run a quality business that will be around to keep their warranty commitments.
  2. Product choice. So many solar businesses have fallen into the trap of importing cheap panels, inverters or isolators. When these products fail in droves, businesses are financially forced to close. The way to avoid this is to stay technically based. Our tagline is”We know solar” – because we focus on researching and testing products – keeping ahead of the curve, and avoiding potential disaster products. Failure to do this, dare I say, was the demise of Five Star Solar Consultants.
  3. Long-term focus. With the ups and downs of the so-called Solar-Coaster, solar companies have often had a short-term focus on their business – as if the sun may not rise next year.  With this mindset, businesses charge on and expand ahead of the ability of their business processes. Everyone who knows Troy speaks highly of him – but it seems it was an insatiable thirst for growth that was his downfall. Longevity, on the other hand, requires passion to be tamed with patience, and quantity curbed with quality.


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