AGL Free Solar Panels Review


As of July 1, the good people of AGL solar are offering free solar panels!
And they say there is no such thing as a free lunch! So what’s the catch?

The good news:

  • You can save $180 a year, or $45 a quarter.

The bad news:

  • It’s only if you sign up before 31 July.
  • It’s 2.5 percent less savings every year.
  • It’s a 15-year contract. You can only get out of the contract by buying the system.

Are you serious AGL? Sounds more like a solar scam!

MC Electrical Green Loans

Let’s compare this to our “GREEN LOANS”
With no upfront cost, you can install a 6kW solar system

The good news:

  • A 6kW system repayments are around $115 a month or $350 a quarter.
  • On a 6kw solar system, you can save up to* $550 per quarter ($400 a quarter would not be unrealistic).
  • If payments are $350, and electricity savings are $400, then you’re ahead $50/ quarter.
  • The system is paid off in 5 years, and you save $400 every quarter from then on.
  • These savings increase every year as electricity prices increase.
  • 10 Year complete system warranty (25-year performance on the panel).

The bad news:

  • Based on our entry level 6kW system (but a Sungrow inverter and tier 1 panels are nothing to sneeze at!)

*Calculated at 4.2kWh/kW/day for 90 day, and a today’s rate of 24.4c/kWh.

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Mark Cavanagh

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