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Permanently Crush Your Electricity Bills with Solar

It seems that electricity prices are on a never-ending upward trajectory. The solution? Harnessing the sun’s power with solar panels right here in Toowoomba.

Remember, drastically reducing your electricity bill isn’t just about purchasing top-notch solar panels. It involves partnering with a trustworthy solar installation company to ensure a long-lasting return on your investment.

Solar Panel Pricing

6.6kW Solar System

15 x 440W Canadian Solar Panels

5kW Fronius Gen24 Inverter

From $7,000*

8kW Solar System

18 x 440W Canadian Solar Panels

8kW Fronius Gen24 Inverter

From $9,000*

10kW Solar System

23 x 440W Canadian Solar Panels

8kW Fronius Gen24 Inverter

From $11,000*

*Indicative solar price based on a standard install and with the STC solar rebate applied.(aka: Gov solar rebate)

Enjoy Solar Sooner with Financing

A Green Loan can be used to finance the cost of
solar for your home.

Green Loan Features:

  • Redraw payments in advance
  • Fixed or variable loan terms between 1 and 10 years
  • Make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • You can also include the cost of an EV charging station in your loan

Take the next step today and call us on 3268 3836.

Queensland electrician fixing a Tesla solar system

At MC Electrical, we are not just acquainted with solar; we are experts in the field. Our assurance of offering the best solar panels in Toowoomba is grounded in rigorous testing conducted by Mark and our proficient team. Similarly, when we claim to provide the best solar installers, it’s rooted in extensive training and a deep-seated commitment to excellence.

Solar panels Brisbane

Since our inception in 2009, we have focused steadfastly on honing our expertise and services, sparing you the worry over the intricate details. Rest easy knowing we’ve meticulously handled every aspect to offer you an unrivalled solar solution.

Queensland Electrician & Solar Panel services

It’s time to transition to solar and make escalating electricity bills a thing of the past. Trust in MC Electrical’s steadfast commitment to quality installations and unrivalled after-sales service, forging a path towards a future where your home is powered efficiently, reliably, and economically.

Queensland electrician showing family solar panel system

Toowoomba Solar Power Company

Hi Toowoomba! I’m Mark Cavanagh, the owner and manager of MC Electrical. As an Electrician, accredited solar designer, solar installer, and solar power blogger, with over a decade of experience in the solar industry, let me share why Toowoomba is the perfect place to invest in solar energy.


Toowoomba’s Solar Potential

Nestled on the Great Dividing Range, Toowoomba enjoys abundant sunshine year-round, making it an ideal spot for harnessing solar energy. With its high solar irradiance levels and relatively mild climate, Toowoomba offers optimal conditions for solar panel performance. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to reduce your electricity bills or a business owner aiming to enhance sustainability efforts, investing in solar power in Toowoomba can yield significant benefits.

Toowoomba is a city full of spacious homes, which often means hefty electricity bills. The average solar system size that MC Electrical install in Toowoomba is an 8.2kW system. A solar panel system this size on an unshaded northern facing roof will produce around 34kWh per average day throughout the year. The longer days in summer allow for more solar electricity production and the shorter winter days having the opposite effect. Homes with power bills around $800-$1000 would generally be a great fit for an 8.2kW system. However, the art of lining up a power bill to a system is not exact! Factors like individual usage, feed in tariffs, and retailer specifics can all affect the size of a system best suited to your home. 

Approximately 21.4% of all dwellings in Toowoomba have already installed solar power. This is a bit lower than the 35.7% overall average for all of Queensland.

Toowoomba, affectionately nicknamed the Garden City, has a lot to offer besides rising rates of solar power. Unsurprisingly due to its revealing nickname, the lush greenery flourishes year round. Japanese Gardens, Queens Park and the Carnival of Flowers boast beautiful flowers and gorgeous botany all year round. With a locality so focused on the stunning environment around them, it’s no surprise that so many Toowoomba residents are making the green energy switch.


Best Solar Company in Toowoomba

At MC Electrical, we understand the unique energy needs of Toowoomba residents and businesses. Our crew specialises in designing and installing tailored solar power systems that thrive in Toowoomba’s unique climate. Whether you’re looking for solar panel installation on your rooftop or keen on integrating solar batteries for enhanced energy storage, we’ve got the skills to make it happen. As the best solar company in Toowoomba, we ensure top-notch solar PV systems for both residential solar and commercial solar projects. From solar rebates to the cost of solar panels, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.


Toowoomba Solar Panel System and Solar Battery Installers

Let’s team up and soak up some sun for a greener, brighter Toowoomba. We have the best products, installed by the best people, with the best after sales service. We are fully CEC accredited solar installers and have installed over 10,000 solar systems, with no plans of stopping anytime soon! Get in touch with us and fill out the form below for your FREE SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM QUOTE.

Mark's YouTube And Blog

If you want to do your homework before purchasing a solar panel system, Mark’s blog is one of the most valuable resources you’ll find. Mark reviews solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar optimisers, microinverters and solar installation methods. See why Mark and the team at MC Electrical are considered solar industry thought leaders.

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