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  • Mark
    Mark Owner, Manager, Electrician

    CEC Installer 20075 1Mark is the Owner and Manager of MC Solar & Electrical. He’s an Electrician, accredited solar installer/designer and an electrical contractor. Read his story. Mark is not only passionate about solar but about doing business right. It’s a simple ethic: look after your staff, and encourage them to look after your customers. It seems to work.

    • Wendy
      Wendy Employee Relations


      Where Mark makes the decisions on who to hire, Wendy makes it official by setting up staff contracts, and oversees payroll. Wendy is always behind the scenes ensuring the paperwork is up to date and accounts are in order. We’re all thankful to Wendy for being the one who pays us each week.

      • Ryan
        Ryan Ops. Manager, Electrician

        CEC Installer 20075 2Ryan started at MC Electrical in 2015 and has an extensive background in domestic and commercial electrical work, and a passion for the industry. He now oversees the day-to-day operations of MC Electrical and is a great asset to our team.

        • Shane
          Shane Electrician / service manager

          CEC Installer 20075 3Shane completed his electrical apprenticeship with us in 2019. After several months on the road doing service work, we asked Shane to do a hybrid role of service manager (in the office) and backup service Sparkie (on the road). We find having a skilled and practising sparkie on the other end of the phone has brought our customer service to another level.

          • Michael
            Michael Electrician, Solar Installer

            CEC Installer 20075 6Michael is one of Queensland’s best blokes. That’s what his wife said when he won Mr. Ipswich in 2009! Seriously, he’s a top bloke and one of the best sparkies you’ll find. He first started working for us in 2011 – he had a break ( most likely modelling?) – but we’re better now ’cause he’s back.

            • David
              David Electrician, Solar Installer

              CEC Installer 20075 8David started with us back in 2009 as a laborer before we took him on as an apprentice. After completing his 4 year apprenticeship, he stayed on as a tradesman. He now leads one of our 6 teams. He’s a bloke of integrity and has a keen eye for quality. We’re proud to have David on our team.

              • Brady
                Brady Electrician, Solar Installer

                CEC Installer 20075 3

                Before Brady completed his electrical apprenticeship with us, he was actually pursuing a career in Aircraft Engineering. Brady is passionate about renewable energy, is an extremely hard worker and a truly top bloke so it’s safe to say we’re glad he realised his calling as an Electrician.


                • Josh

                  CEC Installer 20075 9Josh started out labouring for us in 2014. We soon worked out he was a keeper so we took him on as a mature age apprentice. He completed his apprenticeship in 2018 and we’re glad he chose to stay on with us as a tradesman.

                  • Shane
                    Shane Electrician, Solar Installer

                    Shane is one of our qualified electricians, he’s also a CEC accredited solar installer. There’s no one better when it comes to figuring out how to tackle the more challenging and complex jobs.

                    • Dane
                      Dane Electrician, Solar Installer

                      CEC Installer 20075 3Dane started with MC Electrical way back in 2013 as a Solar Trade Assistant. We put him through his paces on the roof but he quickly showed us he was ready for more… Fast track a few years and now Dane is a qualified Electrician and CEC Accredited Solar Installer. Dane is what you might call a bit of techy, so he’s right at home installing the new generation of feature rich inverters we see in todays solar industry.

                      • Alan
                        Alan Electrician, Solar Installer

                        CEC Installer 20075 3Alan came to us in 2016 as a recommendation from one of our other solar electricians. Nearly 6 years later and now he is a qualified electrician himself. Like his recommendation, he’s also a bit of a techy so he’s really in his element with today’s solar inverters.

                        • Kyle
                          Kyle Electrician

                          Kyle joined our team in 2019 as a solar trade assistant. He has plenty of experience in the solar and electrical industry and came recommended by one of our other staff members. He quickly showed us that he has what it takes, so he completed his electrical apprenticeship with us and joined our dream team of qualified electricians.

                          • Nicole
                            Nicole Solar Consultant

                            Nicole is our Solar Consultant extraordinaire. She has developed a reputation in the industry over the last 9 years as a knowledgeable, straight-talking consultant. In 2015, Nicole agreed that MC Electrical suited her way of doing things better. Nicole is so much happier now, selling the right product at the right price.

                            • Ben
                              Ben Solar Designer / Estimator

                              Ben is our in office Solar Designer / Estimator . With a degree in Marine Biology, his approach to sales is technical rather than salesy. Ben also spends a lot of time researching panel technology and other related topics. He blogs about his findings in “Mark’s blog”.

                              • Yorick
                                Yorick Solar Consultant

                                Yorick used to work alongside Mark and Ryan to help in service and after sales support. As a veteran in the solar industry we have figured early on that Yorick is a keeper. In 2015 he asked to step out of the office so he could work directly with our customers. If there is something Yorick does not know, he will ask and learn. No BS. How could I refuse?

                                • Jaime
                                  Jaime Solar Consultant

                                  An advocate for the environment, it wasn’t until Jaime read “The last hours of Ancient Sunlight” back in 2006 that she became passionate about renewable energy. She then completed a Certificate IV in Renewable Energy and worked in the solar hot-water industry, before commencing as a solar power consultant. We love having Jaime on board with her down-to-earth attitude and technical knowledge.

                                  • Mark
                                    Mark Solar Consultant

                                    Mark Bunting has recently moved out of the office and onto the road as a Solar Consultant. Since he has so much experience on the technical side of things, we know he’ll be able to tailor the perfect solar system for any situation. He has a degree in graphic design and has picked up solar design with ease too. Don’t confuse him with Mark Cavanagh. Mark is much better looking.

                                    • Winston
                                      Winston Solar Consultant

                                      Winston joined the MC Electrical sales team at the tail end of 2019. Don’t let that fool you though, he has been working in the solar industry for nearly a decade, so he really knows how to tailor the perfect solar system for your needs.

                                      • Jason
                                        Jason Solar Consultant

                                        CEC Installer 20075 2

                                        Jason is the most recent addition to our superstar lineup of solar consultants. He’s been installing with us since 2018 and is a top-notch sparky with an eye for detail. So you can rest assured that he’ll provide a well-designed quote without the sales spin.

                                        • Kaine
                                          Kaine Storeman Trainee

                                          Kaine did work experience with us for a year before we recruited him in 2023 for his strong work ethic. He thrives on pushing himself, using his high attention to detail and critical thinking skills. Kaine enjoys going for runs, video games, fishing and he can also freestyle rap for an hour unrehearsed.

                                          • Jo
                                            Jo Accounts Manager

                                            Jo has been in the finance industry for 13 years. Although new to the solar industry itself, she has a passion for sustainability and an abundance of enthusiasm. When off-the-clock, she loves travelling, experiencing new things, and learning about new cultures. Also for a bit of wow factor, in a previous life Jo was a part of a travelling circus.

                                            • Kendall
                                              Kendall Administration

                                              Kendall joined the MC Electrical team in 2022. She is as friendly as they come and has a passion for sustainability. We might be biased, but we think her decision to switch from hairdressing to renewables, really was a great one.

                                              • Lauren
                                                Lauren Administration

                                                Lauren brings a wealth of experience in medical administration, as well as a Cert IV in Youth Work. She’s been eager to learn the ropes with a positive, can-do attitude. She loves the outdoors, going to the beach, travelling, and riding dirt bikes with her son.

                                                • Devina
                                                  Devina Marketing Manager

                                                  Devina worked with Mark in the early beginnings of MC Electrical. A decade later she returned in 2022 with experience in marketing, communications and fundraising from the profit and not-for-profit sectors. She is an avid reader with a love for learning about people, cultures, psychology, and spirituality.

                                                  • Lawrence
                                                    Lawrence Apprentice Electrician

                                                    Lawrence came recommended by one of our electricians. He started with us as a solar trade assistant but quickly proved himself to be a hard worker with a great work ethic. It wasn’t hard decision to sign him up for his adult electrical apprenticeship.

                                                    • Philip
                                                      Philip Apprentice Electrician

                                                      Phil joined our installer team in 2020 after he was recommended by one of our other staff members. He quickly proved the recommendation was warranted so we signed him on as an Apprentice Electrician. In his free time, he loves to go 4wding and rock climbing, we hear his skills in the latter are impressive.

                                                      • Christopher
                                                        Christopher Apprentice Electrician

                                                        Chris started with us early in 2021, he settled in quickly, probably due to the fact that he already had solar experience prior to joining MC Electrical. In his spare time, Chris enjoys camping and spearfishing.

                                                        • Brodie
                                                          Brodie Apprentice Electrician

                                                          Brodie is our resident rugby league loving apprentice electrician. We took him on at the start of 2021 as a solar trade assistant and he proved himself capable pretty quickly.

                                                          • Dylan
                                                            Dylan Apprentice Electrician

                                                            Dylan joined the MC team at the end of 2021 after he was recommended to us by Mitchell. He quickly proved to us he had what it takes so we signed him up for his apprenticeship.

                                                            • Mitchell
                                                              Mitchell Apprentice Electrician

                                                              Mitch joined MC Electrical in 2021 and took a short break after a year, but soon realised how much he enjoyed solar, so he returned to the team in 2023. He’s a weapon on the roof, so you’re in for a great day if he’s on your job. Mitch likes longboarding, country music and playing social touch rugby league.

                                                              • Matthew
                                                                Matthew Apprentice Electrician

                                                                Matthew joined us from Melbourne in 2022. He soon proved to be a gun with his 10 years of experience as a qualified carpenter, so we enlisted him as a mature-age apprentice. In his spare time, he enjoys catching up with friends and family, going to music gigs and playing sports.

                                                                • Dion
                                                                  Dion Apprentice Electrician

                                                                  Dion started with us in 2022 with a beautiful, positive attitude and a wide variety of experience in roofing, scaffolding, building and landscaping. When he’s not working hard for us, he enjoys rock climbing, reading and travelling in his spare time.

                                                                  • Josh
                                                                    Josh Apprentice Electrician

                                                                    Josh hit the ground running with us in 2023, bringing experience as a container fork operator for the Port of Brisbane and a locomotive operator for Wilmar Sugar. He’s a keen learner with a positive attitude and enjoys fishing, camping and his favourite ice cream flavour is mint chocolate chip.

                                                                    • Niko
                                                                      Niko Solar Trade Assistant

                                                                      Niko joined us in early 2023 with a willingness to learn, and a commitment to doing a good job. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Property Economics but prefers the outdoors whether it’s installing solar, hanging out at the beach, or playing football.

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