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If you are wondering why SunSource is not answering their phone, they have closed down, shut their doors. I have heard from multiple sources that liquidators are going into SunSource today to wrap things up. Another Solar business goes into administration, leaving customers wondering “what happens to my SunSource warranty now they have shut down?

*DISCLAIMER: MC Electrical is not affiliated with Sunsource or any other third party sales companies. However, we have over 12 years experience in the solar industry. So, if you’re having issues with your Sunsource Solar Install, Give us a call today on 07 3268 3836 so that we can get your solar system producing power like it was meant to. 

Service & Repairs

Silver Lining for the Industry

In the past, I’ve posted about great companies like Infinity Power, Electroy, and Solar Guys going into administration. When good companies shut down the solar industry shudders. Today is a bad day for SunSource customers, a worse day for staff, and a hell of a day for their sub-contractors. One of their subcontractors is claiming a loss of $140 000 and another of $250 000. But despite the misery that SunSource has created, today is a good day for the industry.

Allow me to say what I really think. SunSource was run by people who were all about deceiving customers, pressure selling, massively overcharging and under delivering. They followed the business model of the now bust BioSolar, and ended with the same result.

Maybe I have overstated it. Here’s a sample of what their customers have to say:

Sunsource ShutdownVery unprofessional! A SunSource representative went to jail recently for fraud for the second time in twelve months. He promised big returns but after signing we found out it was all lies. I Reffered them to ASIC for investigation   ….. Steer clear!

And here’s one from 2 months ago that dogged a bullet:

Sunsource ShutdownMeeting terminated after 15 minutes. Very unprofessional. He refused to provide a quote so we knew how much it would cost!

This one paid $10 000 to $15 000 for a 5kw system (more than twice of what they should have if it were SunSources top of the range). They gave a generous 2.5-star review:

Sunsource LiquidationOnce they got our money, they basically abandoned us when we were trying to complete our solar system in our home. Sadly after sales told us to chase it all up ourselves. After sales service is terrible we thought they would really help us when we really needed them. Sad to say we were really let down.

What happens to my SunSource workmanship warranty?

First the bad news, your workmanship warranty went down with the company. SunSource used sub-contractors. It’s a small industry I know several of them. They were a mixed bag. One company I know had exceptional standards. The electricians from that company took their job seriously. Then there were the not-so-noble subbies. They would pressure their sparkies to get in and out and as quickly as possible, taking any short-cuts that were necessary to get the job done. Since late 2015 I heard many of the sub-contractors were not getting paid, so they would quit. A young sparkie with a new contractors ticket would come along and give it a crack – until he realised he wasn’t going to get paid and he would quit also. The quality of the work was often (but stress not always) been poor.

Fortunately, repairing poor workmanship is often inexpensive. If you live in Brisbane or South-East-Qld, call us on 32683836, and we can help you with your warranty claim.

What happens to my SunSource Product warranty?

It depends on what panels and inverter you purchased. If SunSource imported the inverter or panels, then your warranty won’t be valid. If the inverter or panel manufacturer still has a presence in Australia, then your warranty should be ok. You will need to pay an Electrician for a service call. If you live in Brisbane or South-East-Qld, call us on 32683836, and we can help you with your warranty claim.

Below I’ve listed the panels and inverters that SunSource have been providing in recent years.

Inverters sold by SunSource

ABB Aurora Inverters
I considered the ABB inverter a quality Italian inverter – until they started failing in droves. However as a reputable company, ABB honour their warranty. You will have to pay a callout to diagnose and replace the inverter, but ABB will honour their 5-year warranty. While getting it replaced, consider getting an ABB WiFI card fitted, so we can both monitor your system online, and pick up more quickly if something goes wrong in the future.

Sungrow Inverters
Sungrow is a quality budget inverter. We are the warranty agents in Brisbane and South East Qld. If your Sungrow inverter has failed, we can replace it for the cost of a call out to diagnose the fault.

B&B inverters
B&B inverters were a cheap Chinese inverter. As I understand it, SunSource would have been the importer for B&B inverters. B&B do not have a presence in Australia. Have a read of my B&B inverter review.
t seems to me that you no longer have a warranty on your B&B inverter.

Panels sold by SunSource

Phono Solar Panels
SunSource mainly sold Phono Panels. Phono is a quality panel, and your warranty should be safe. This would be a product warranty only, not a labour warranty. However, a strange rule in the Renewable Energy Credit Scheme is that you can claim REC’s on replacement panels – providing your system is up to current standards. The  RECs (often called “rebate”) usually covers the majority of the labor cost of the work involved in replacing the panels. So if your Phono panels fail (and you live in Brisbane or the South-East-Qld), we should be able to replace them for a small out of pocket cost.

This post is a work in progress, and will be updated as I learn more about SunSource products.


While the administration and liquidation of SunSource is bad news for their existing customers and subcontractors, it’s great news for the industry. Your workmanship warranty is no longer, which is a bit of a concern as SunSource underpaid subcontractors who often took short cuts. There was very little quality control. The products they used were not worth the money they charged, but many of them were ok. In most cases, we can assist you with claiming an inverter warranty, but you will need to pay for a service call to test the system and the cost of the labour to replace the inverter. Your panels warranty is a little more interesting. While the labour component may be large, we can claim the Renewable Energy Credits a second time, which will usually cover the cost of bringing your system up to today’s standard and installing the replacement panels. Contact your local solar service company to assess your system issues or for system upgrades/replacements call us on 3268 3832.


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26 Comments on SunSource in Liquidation – what happens to my warranty

Devina Rogers said :Guest Report 9 months ago

Hi Geoff, based on your address you could try contacting Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions for a service check.

    Mark Preedy said :Guest Report 2 years ago

    Hi my solar system stopped working on Saturday I have just heard that sun source energy are no more my system is about 9 years old can I still claim the warranty on it any information would be greatly appreciated. Will need someone to come out and check it. Thank you

    • 4022
    Geoff Carroll said :Guest Report 4 years ago

    Hi my Solar not working , can you help, my address is 6 Delonix Court Arundel, QLD, I understand the company Sunsource qld has ceased to exist. Don,t think my solar has been working for ages. Hope to hear from you, Geoff.

    • 4214
    Kaylene washington hague said :Guest Report 4 years ago

    Hi Mark I purchased a unit through sunsource, a sungrow system n inverter. During the stoem on Friday it either shorted n burnt out or was hit by lightening. I will send a photo of the side panel model details etc tomorrow. Are you able to assist or point me in the right direction please? Thank you

    • 4034
    Mark C said :administrator Report 5 years ago

    Hi Natalie, Unfortunately, there is no register yet. (There will be one for new installs in 2020). You'll need to get someone out to check. However, in most cases, it will be the inverter that fails - not the panels.

      Natalie Fox said :Guest Report 5 years ago

      Hi Mark, I am looking for advice, hoping that you can at least point me in the right direction. I live in Greater Western Sydney, and about 4 years ago, bought a solar system from Sunsource. I have been searching my emails, looking for information on what I actually purchased, without much luck. I can probably provide the brand of inverter I have, but as far as the panels are concerned, I don't know the brand or power rating! All I know is that I have 4 x 4 panels, and no idea how many strings. I have recently started learning more about solar... Aside from sending an electrician up onto the roof to have a look, what other ways would you suggest I could figure this out? Is there a national register? Can I potentially get info from the Inverter? Cheers Natalie

      • 2161
      Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

      Hi Roxane, if you are waiting on a certificate from Sunsource, they are long gone. I'm not sure what discount you are referring to.

        Roxane said :Guest Report 6 years ago

        Hi Mark we were still waiting for the certificate to send into the electricity providers for our solar discount. What do i do now???

        • 3806
        Mark Cavanagh said :administrator Report 6 years ago

        Hi Sam, No, I haven't heard anything. I assume they are not contactable?

          Sam said :Guest Report 6 years ago

          Hi Mark, do you know what has happened to TCP (Total Care Promise) and Watt Test (wtest)?

          • 4165
          Mark C said :administrator Report 6 years ago

          Hi Jennifer. It would be the same if you got a loan for a car and then sold it. Unfortunately, you still need to pay the loan. The finance company you used would have been a different company from the company you bought the Solar system off. Hopefully the solar increased the value of the house when you sold it?

            jennifer Frost said :Guest Report 6 years ago

            what do i do as im still paying mine off and dont live in the same house as its been sold. I dont feel its right i should still continue to pay for something i am no longer using.

            • 3950
            Martin said :Guest Report 7 years ago

            I was told Worrells Brisbane (an accounting company) took over the warranties .. it'd be worth getting in touch with them in case of problem to find out more.

            • 4014
            Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 7 years ago

            Hi Ann, EO31 is an Aurora ABB warranty issue, and they do their own warranty work now. Best to call ABB on 029735311.

              Ann Clark said :Guest Report 7 years ago

              Hi Mark we had some work done on our Aurora solar system by sunsource group 24/8/2015 the other night we had a storm with thunder and lightening now the inverter is making a clicking sound saying next connetion then the orange alarm light comes on and Int error E031 then starts all over again I have rang the phone no that is on sunsource page regarding warranty 32683836 left 2 messages just wondering if they are manning there phone can you please help me out needing to find someone that can help me fix my problem .Thank you Ann.

              • 4503
              Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

              Hi Royce, Glade I could a little hope! Phono is a good Chinese panel. I don't really know anyone in the Melbourne area. Prices in Brisbane you would pay around $250 for a service from a solar experienced Electrician. Mark

                Royce said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                Hi Mark Yes another victim of these low lives. I have a B&B inverter and phono panels. We were due for the free 12 month service and check up. Called the number and got nothing. Thank you for your comprehensive Web page. It does give some hope!!! If you have any contacts in Melbourne Vic who can help us we would be most appreciative. We would still like a "once over" our system. To ensure all is working well. I know now we may have to pay. If you got approx prices and some contacts that would really help. Thank you.

                • 3978
                Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                Hi Annette, Abb have started using their own guys for warranty issues. However, you will probably need to get your own electrician our to confirm if it is an inverter issue. If the inverter is at fault, I would call ABB directly on 0297353111. They have been a bit unresponsive lately, but with perseverance, you should be able to get it replaced. Mark

                  Annette lue said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                  Hi i live in sydney and having yellow light flashing need to know who to call to discuss what the problem is i have a aurora/ABB (inverter brand) inverter model PVI-7500-OUTD-AU hope you can help thanks

                  • 2768
                  Ailsa Batajic said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                  Hi Mark. my panels are still working thank God. i just want to know who to contact if I have a problem.

                  • 4304
                  Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                  Hi Alisa Is your system no longer working? I'm not sure what your diamond panels are. Your inverter warranty is now covered by ABB. You would need an electrician out first to determine the what the fault was. Mark

                    Ailsa Batajic said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                    Hi. I have a Aurora UNO converter and Diamond Series 235-265 Panels are they ok in Australia for warranity . I was a Sunscource Customer and have just found out they are not there anymore.

                    • 4304
                    Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                    I'm not sure we have tried with CSUN. Unfortunately, CSUN are one of the few dodgy tier 1 panels - I've heard a lot of bad reports. But we'll give it a crack. If you live in South East QLD, give my office a call on 32683836 and ask for Ryan. We do charge for our labor, but if the panels are under warranty, you should only be aa few hundred dollars out of pocket.

                      Steve said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                      Hi Mark, another victim of the SSG liquidation here... I had CSUN panels installed by these guys along with a sungrow inverter. Will my CSUN panels be covered by local warranty? thanks in advance

                      • 4109
                      Plu42jiKoyh said :administrator Report 8 years ago

                      Hi Sam, That's surprising. I thought Sunsource would have imported them directly- TCP told me they didnt sell many B&B inverters. I think you will be fine with Phono. It's a reputable panel and still selling here - so warranties should be an issue.

                        Sam said :Guest Report 8 years ago

                        Hi Mark, I had my job supplied and installed by SSG and today I have been in contact with Total Care Promise with regards to my B&B inverter, and the serial number is listed and recorded on their database, so they (TCP) will handle any warranty for the next 9.5 years. I believe Phono still have an office in Brisbane and have a good presence in Oz and any warranties can be directed to them, if that right?

                        • 4165

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