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Solar Panels Repairs Brisbane Solar Repairs Brisbane

Whether you have a Solar Inverter that is displaying a fault code or a whole solar panel system that’s under-performing, the team at MC Electrical is here to help!

We have a team of highly trained electricians and solar roofers ready to come out, diagnose and repair any issues you’re having with your solar power system. We can even help with preventative maintenance for your solar power system.

Not only this, but we also offer a wide variety of general electrical work in Brisbane too! Plus we have all the gear in stock for almost any work you might need.

Some of the Solar Repair work we offer is listed below. Didn’t see what you’re after? Call us on 07 3268 3836, chances are we can still help you out.

  • Solar Panel Replacements
  • Warranty Repair Work
  • Inverter Repairs and Replacements
  • Upgrades
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • System Fault Finding
  • Solar Conduit Repairs
  • Solar Wiring Repairs

The Solar industry started out with a lot of cowboys installing below par and sometimes unsafe solar PV systems in Brisbane and SE QLD. Although regulations have now been tightened up which has filtered out some of the solar cowboys. The real issue is that there are still plenty of old unsafe solar panel systems still floating around the place.

MC Electrical is an industry leader in Solar. We’ve been going above and beyond solar regulations for years to make sure our solar systems are as safe and reliable as possible. Call us today on 07 3268 3836 to discuss bringing your solar panel system up to industry standards.



Everyone knows Fronius is the best solar inverter …

Discover why we are one of only TEN “Fronius Solution Partners Plus” in Australia – and how that benefits you!

Fronius Solution Partners Plus



Fill out our free online quote form or give us a call and speak with a Solar Power specialist. Get a custom designed free solar quote with no-obligation or hard sell.


Our solar experts will explain all your solar power options and will customize a green energy solution that’s right for you. We don’t use sub-contractors and offer customers a 10 Year workmanship warranty!


We will design a custom solar power solution just for you! Our team will do all the paperwork for solar rebates, incentives and complete grid connection on your behalf. We are local & trusted with a reputation for quality.


Enjoy your new complete Solar Power system and start saving money on your energy bills. With MC Electrical getting solar panels couldn’t be any easier. We will be around to service any warranty issues or system upgrades!

Where can you get best solar panel repairs in Brisbane?

Right here. We’re Rated all time number 1 IN AUSTRALIA, for customer reviews.  (

The Best Solar Repairs in Brisbane

At MC Electrical, we offer the best solar power installations, upgrades and repairs in Brisbane. In the past 11 years of business, there’s a lot we have learned. When installing an electrical generation system on the roof of a home, you want it to go the distance. You need a diligent team of trained professionals that take pride in their solar repair work. Make sure you get quality solar repairs by going with the solar industry leaders at MC Electrical.

Our Solar Repairs

To get the best solar repairs, you need the best blokes. We directly employ all our own Electricians – we never sub-contract. (By the way, to employ Electricians, you need to be an Electrical Contractor). Look up contractor licences here. We have eleven Electricians on staff.  Three in the office and nine out on the road either installing new systems, fault finding existing systems, honouring all our warranty work, completing solar repair work, and even upgrading existing solar panel systems in Brisbane.

Building a team of the best solar panel repairers in Brisbane took time. But this training is the secret to our success.

Research and Development plus Training

We take solar power seriously. We’ve travelled to multiple solar factories around the world so we can be confident of the products we offer, (and the products we no longer offer!) From Israel to Germany, Austria, China, Korea, USA and even Mexico. I travel around the world with different members of my team visiting solar panel and inverter factories and meeting solar power industry leaders. We do this so we can cut through the solar propaganda and be confident in what we sell.

While Ben and I have the privilege of researching and blogging, many ideas come about through rigorous discussion with our office staff and our technically driven sales staff. “Mark’s blog” is respected around the world for our unbiased and detailed reviews. In Austria, we are considered an industry thought leader.

Technical solar blogs require extensive testing. I’m up on my warehouse roof testing solar panels so often, I’ve made a hatch in the roof for easy access! (You’re welcome to drop in and see what solar test I’m up to)  Our “Sales Meetings” are not discussing how we can convince someone how to buy from us, but how we can better design solar, or what new products we should test.

I’m a part of the Clean Energy Council’s Installer reference group. We’re passionate about updating regulations so the Solar industry standards improve.

I’m part of the Solar Cutters Committee. Solar Cutters is a group of like-minded solar installers who promote quality solar installations.

We’re NETCC-approved retailers. To be fair, the bar to become an Approved retailer has lowered significantly in the last 12 months. Today, if you install solar and you are not an NETCC Approved Retailer, you’re not really serious about the industry.

What does all this mean for you? It means when we suggest a brand of panels and inverter to meet your budget, you can trust that it’s solid advice. But a solar system is more than solar panels and an inverter. The extensive testing I’ve done to write my blog means we know how to design systems not just to meet standards, to produce at an absolute maximum. Our 11 years of Solar experience has helped us choose the best components to hold it all together. From the solar panel racking to the size of cable and the selection of screws and saddles.  We also put the right blokes on your roof to install it, and the dedicated customer care to support you for the life of your solar system.

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