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Ever opened up your power bill, saw the high bill, and you were sure it is wrong? Maybe it was an incorrect meter reading, or is your utility meter faulty? Getting to the bottom of the issue would mean hours on the phone to your electricity retailer.

This function on Fronius’ solar.web that Kellee walks you through will allow you to generate a report of your solar savings using the meter reading dates from your bill.

In reality, most people won’t want to be so accurate with the savings over the exact billing cycle. Monthly or yearly readings should be more than enough. But should you doubt your electricity bill or should you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty of your exact billing period savings, you can nerd it right up thanks to Solar.Web.

The Fronius meter is a whole current kWH meter, which makes it super accurate. So if you follow the instructions of this video, your reading should be almost exactly the same as your bill.

Almost. The reason for the discrepancy is not because of inaccuracy of the Fronius meter or your utility, but because of the time of the reading. If the utility meter reader came at 11am on day 1, and at 3pm on day 90, then your bill will not reflect a full 90 days. However the Fronius smart meter will take the reading from midnight to midnight.

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