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In the last video blog, Kellee showed that you can not work out your solar savings by looking on your electricity bill. Fat lot of good that is. This video is a little more helpful, it shows you how to work out your savings – if you have a Fronius inverter and a Fronius smart meter.

Fronius Solar.Web – it’s easy

Fronius’ online monitoring platform After we install Fronius solar systems, our electrician will connect your inverter to your home Wifi, and send relevant details to our office. Kaitlin then will set up your basic details on Solar.web, add a photo of your job, and register your 10-year warranty. She then sends an email to you with your log in details. Then you just need to log in and explore. Whenever you call us up, we’ll also be able to log in and see how your system is performing. We’re always keen to help you use your system better! This video shows one of the most common aspects of solar.web that we explain to customers : solar savings.

Actual solar savings

One of the coolest features of Fronius’ online monitoring platform using the Fronius Smart Meter is the Tariff settings. You can enter in how much you are charged for electricity, and how much you get for your feed in tariff. Once this is done, you can workout simply, and with a high level of accuracy, your solar savings month by month and year by year. As your electricity prices increase (power prices always go up on July 1) you can add that new information in your tariff settings (with the date of the increase), and you will keep all of your historical data. It makes working out your actual return on investment easy and accurate!

Watch Kellee’s video above as she explains how to set up this function.

Kellee’s next video will show how we can create a custom report to calculate your solar savings more accurately using custom date ranges to match your billing period.


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6 Comments on How to calculate your solar savings with a Fronius smart meter.

Ben Neville said : administrator Report 5 years ago

Hi Parag, Do you have a Fronius Smart Meter installed? If you aren't seeing these fields you may have not had this in your system design. Might be best to chat with your original installer to see if they can confirm.

Parag Soman said : Guest Report 5 years ago

Hello I am not getting the fields as indicated in the video General tariff settings Reference tariff (with Fronius smart meter) Feed-in tariff (with Fronius smart meter) I am getting the screen fields as shown below General tariff settings Feed-in tariff (without Fronius smart meter) Can someone help me as I am not getting any savings value on a portal. Thanks in advance

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Mark C said : administrator Report 6 years ago

Ha Ha thank Adele. I've talked to Ben about your comment - he is just about to start helping me with blogging. He'll start off with videos on Fronius :)

Adele said : Guest Report 6 years ago

Pleeeease can you do a video explaining the expense page and what it means. Love your videos!!

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Mark C said : administrator Report 6 years ago

Hi Andrew. I've probably confused you because I've changed my mind over time. Here is my thoughts as it stands today. SolarEdge is good but optimisers are ridiculously unreliable. About 15 percent of our jobs we have returned to replace optimisers. Tigo is solid and it means you can use Fronius. The monitoring has become a lot better, but it is expensive to add individual panel monitoring. (around $1000 more). Enphase has bounced back with their share price and they are bringing out a new generation that will make them more competitive. With the regulation changes in Energex, it means we can install a larger system. Enphase are ridiculously reliable. I think we have only ever had 1 failed microinverter. But the Enphase battery is useless. Because Enphase requires an AC coupled battery, Energex regulations mean that it is not a good solution if you want a decent battery. If price was not the problem, go Fronius Tigo.

Andrew krantz said : Guest Report 6 years ago

Hello Confused First thought you said best system where shading an issue was Fronius symo with Tigo and Sunpower. Then you said prefer solaredge with Sunpower because Tigo monitoring not as good as solaredge. Both better than enphase. I have 3 phase and need approx 8 kw system. Pricing is similar. Is either ok and choose based on installer preference or all things equal do you have a preferred preference. Note costing doesn’t support battery now but may do so in the future Thanks Andrew

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