You’ve heard the news, Vanuatu has been flattened.

MC Electrical have decided to lend a hand.

My best mate Ben Krahe runs a charity called Pac Assist. He has been in planning stages of building a school in Vanuatu for 12 months. It was my intention that MC Electrical helped with the build.

As it turns out, a cyclone came and ruined every school in Vanuatu, so plans have changed. Next weekend (29th of March) I am heading to Vanuatu with my mate Ben for a week to help rebuild 2 schools. It a small team of 5, and we have not had much time to plan, so we are heading their with 30kg each of tools, to do what we can. Realistically this will be a token effort. But we will hopefully learn what aid we can send that will be useful to this particular community – it will be a long term project.

This week I have been researching appropriate micro off-grid solar systems and I’ve been building rapport with a shipping company that have been doing great work with aid so far in aid work. More to come.

Mark Cavanagh

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Mark Cavanagh

Mark is the Owner and Manager of MC Solar & Electrical. He’s an Electrician, accredited solar installer/designer and an electrical contractor.

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