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Solar Panel Test Results

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Solar Panel MC OfficeReal data from our solar panel test in Brisbane

It has been almost seven months since I updated the data of my solar panel test results. Since we are about to add a new line-up of solar panels, it thought it was time to update the test results. We’ve had a fairly hot January and February in 2016, so the panels temperature co-efficient is put under pressure. Although QCells was the latest to be added to the line-up, all panels have had six to 12 months for their initial degradation period, and results should be close enough to make a fair comparison.

The screen shot below is updated regularly for transparency.

This screen shot was taken on the 18/6/16, from 1 weeks worth of data. The results below have not yet been updated. To get a comparisons to a 250W panel, divide the KWH of the panel by the watts of the panel (eg 265W for the Q cells). Then multiply the figure by the watts of the panel that you want to compare (EG 250 for the Jinko)

Test Results 18 June 2016

Panels – in order of cost

  1. LG 300W mono     –    tier 1 Q2 2015 Bloomberg
  2. QCells265w poly   –    tier 1 Q2 2015 Bloomberg
  3. Trina 250W poly    –    tier 1 Q2 2015 Bloomberg
  4. Rene 250W poly    –    tier 1 Q2 2015 Bloomberg
  5. Jinko 250W poly    –    tier 1 Q2 2015 Bloomberg, PQ panel
  6. Risen 250W poly    –   tier 1 Q2 2015 Bloomberg, PQ panel
  7. ZN Shine poly        –    tier 1 Q2 2015 Bloomberg
  8. BlueSun 250w poly
  9. APS (Eurosolar) poly

PQ panel refers to the Australian Solar Council’s Positive Quality programme.

Solar Panel Test Results – in order of performance

(results are as production PER WATT.)

  1. LG     300W    –    102.7 percent
  2. Risen 250W    –    100.2 percent
  3. Jinko 250W    –    100 percent
  4. QCells 265W  –    99.5 percent  (slightly newer panel than the rest)
  5. Rene 250W    –    99.4 percent
  6. ZNShine250W-    99.4 percent
  7. Trina 250W    –    95.3 percent
  8. BlueSun250    –    92.9 percent
  9. APS  250W    –    91.1 percent

This solar panel test was made on a single panel purchased with no information of the testing intent.

Parameters and previous results are set out here:

My take on the solar panel test results

LG perform a bit better on the solar panel test. You will pay a lot more for that, but if you have a limited roof space, it makes sense.

Risen, Jinko, QCells, Rene and ZN shine are equivalent. Half a percent here or there on my test is negligible. The fact that Risen and Jinko are both PQ panels and come second and third for performance was interesting.

Trina concerns me, as it does in Photon testing.

Blue Sun and APS speak for themselves.

If you have any comparison results that you would like to share or a panel that you would like us to include in our next test, leave a comment below.


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