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30th September Solar Application Deadline!

Energex Limits

You may have heard about the 30th September 2015 Energex solar deadline. But what’s it all about, and is it too late?

In practical terms, all it means is, that if you oversize your system (as we would often recommend) you will have more “clipping” of your solar system than you would have had otherwise.

Inverter 6.5 panels, sunny day

This image shows how the a 6.5kW of panels (5kW inverter) on a good day will be limited at 5kW. If you application goes in after 30 September, your limit will be 4.5kW as the red line indicates. Now, a solar curve like the one above doesn’t happen every day. Below is the following day on the same house. (This incidently is one good reason to oversize the panels on your inverter).


Fronius with 6.5 cloudy day

As you can see, you would lose very little if this inverter was limited to 4.5kW. But hey, if you’re looking at getting solar soon, wouldn’t you rather have the full 5kW?

So is it too late?

Not if it’s still September! Give us a call on 3268 3836 or contact us on the online form. We’ll put an application in for you. It takes us 2 minutes – no obligation. That way you will have a bit of time to shop around and make up your mind, and you will still have the full 5kw capacity on your inverter.


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