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Permanently Crush Your Electricity Bills with Solar

It seems that electricity prices are on a never-ending upward trajectory. The solution? Harnessing the sun’s power with solar panels right here in Archerfield.

Remember, drastically reducing your electricity bill isn’t just about purchasing top-notch solar panels. It involves partnering with a trustworthy solar installation company to ensure a long-lasting return on your investment.

Solar Panel Pricing

6.5kW Solar System

14 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

5kW Gen24 Inverter

From $7,800*

9.3kW Solar System

20 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

8kW Gen24 Inverter

From $8,600

10.23kW Solar System

22 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

8kW Gen24 Inverter

From $9,400

*Indicative solar price based on a standard install and with the STC solar rebate applied.(aka: Gov solar rebate)

Enjoy Solar Sooner with Financing

A Green Loan can be used to finance the cost of
solar for your home.

Green Loan Features:

  • Redraw payments in advance
  • Fixed or variable loan terms between 1 and 10 years
  • Make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • You can also include the cost of an EV charging station in your loan

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At MC Electrical, we are not just acquainted with solar; we are experts in the field. Our assurance of offering the best solar panels in Archerfield is grounded in rigorous testing conducted by Mark and our proficient team. Similarly, when we claim to provide the best solar installers, it’s rooted in extensive training and a deep-seated commitment to excellence.

Solar panels Brisbane

Since our inception in 2009, we have focused steadfastly on honing our expertise and services, sparing you the worry over the intricate details. Rest easy knowing we’ve meticulously handled every aspect to offer you an unrivalled solar solution.

Queensland Electrician & Solar Panel services

It’s time to transition to solar and make escalating electricity bills a thing of the past. Trust in MC Electrical’s steadfast commitment to quality installations and unrivalled after-sales service, forging a path towards a future where your home is powered efficiently, reliably, and economically.

Queensland electrician showing family solar panel system

Archerfield Solar Power Company

Hi Archerfield! I’m Mark Cavanagh, owner and manager of MC Electrical. I’m an Electrician, an accredited solar designer and installer, and a solar power blogger.

I’m deeply committed to the solar industry. Since 2009, I’ve rigorously tested solar panels and inverters, constantly seeking improved methods for solar installations. This dedication has taken me and my team across the globe, from Israel to Mexico, where we visit solar factories and confer with industry leaders. My insights and recommendations are shared in “Mark’s Blog,” both for consumers and fellow industry professionals.



Did you know that Archerfield boasts a remarkable adoption rate of solar panel systems? A significant 33.2% of its 2241 dwellings have embraced solar power, closely aligning with Queensland’s average of 34.8%. This thriving uptake reflects Queensland’s status as the nation’s solar leader, rightfully earning its title as the Sunshine State.

Named after the Archerfield pastoral station, this suburb has a rich history dating back to 1881 when farmer Michael Durack acquired the land. Additionally, Archerfield Airbase holds historical significance as Brisbane’s primary airport and a pivotal airbase during World War II, contributing to Australia’s defense efforts in the Pacific. Other notable sites include the Archerfield Wetlands, providing a haven for wildlife, and the Archerfield Speedway, offering exciting races. With its diverse community and local institutions like the Archerfield Golf Club and Airport, Archerfield’s charm is undeniable. As the suburb looks towards the future, investing in solar energy reflects its commitment to sustainability. With ample sunshine and a rich history, Archerfield is the perfect place to harness the power of the sun for a brighter tomorrow.

My fond memories of Archerfield include driving along the highway, catching glimpses of jet aircraft taking off from the airbase. Despite its sparse population of 544, Archerfield’s allure lies in its unique blend of history and modernity.

Why invest in solar in Archerfield? With ample sunshine and a strong cultural heritage, Archerfield offers an ideal environment for harnessing solar power. Additionally, the suburb’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its high solar adoption rate, making it a community that values renewable energy.

Considering solar for your home or business in Archerfield? Reach out to our friendly team today or click here to GET A FREE SOLAR QUOTE. Let’s harness the power of the sun together!

Mark's YouTube And Blog

If you want to do your homework before purchasing a solar panel system, Mark’s blog is one of the most valuable resources you’ll find. Mark reviews solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar optimisers, microinverters and solar installation methods. See why Mark and the team at MC Electrical are considered solar industry thought leaders.

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Queensland Electricians & Solar Panel Installers

Archerfield Solar Power Company

Hi Archerfield, I’m Mark Cavanagh, the MC in MC Electrical. I’m an electrician, an accredited solar panel installer and a solar power blogger and YouTuber.

I was born in Ipswich, and grew up in a little housing commission house in Inala. Later in my teenage years, we lived in both Goodna and Gailes. A few years later I started an apprenticeship to be an electrician. Fast forward 25 years or so and here we are – doing solar panel installations the right way. Solar power really is the future!

Archerfield Solar Power System Installers

A third of the population of Archerfield have taken up the opportunity of installing a solar panel system over the last decade. Out of the 2241 dwellings, 832 (33.2%) have installed solar panel systems in this suburb.  Coming in just below the Queensland average of 34.8%, solar panel systems in Archerfield comes in close on par with Queenslanders in general.  Queensland can lay claim to the highest take up of solar panels systems in all of Australia and so it should be being the sunshine state.

It was named after the Archerfield pastoral station which was acquired by farmer and pioneer Michael Durack in 1881. Archerfield Airbase was also the first main airport to service Brisbane and was used an air-base in World War 2 to support the war in the Pacific.

My first memory of Archerfield was driving along the highway and seeing the airbase and hoping to catch a glimpse of a jet aircraft shooting off into the sky.  A suburb of Brisbane with a sparse population of 544 as most of the land is taken up by the Archerfield Air Base.

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