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Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

With rising electricity costs, solar energy isn’t just an alternative—it’s a smart choice. But selecting the right panels is only half the equation; the right installation company ensures your investment stands the test of time.

At MC Electrical, our knowledge is built on experience. Our panels? Handpicked after research, inspection and testing. Our team? Trained to ensure the best installations. We’ve been committed to these principles since 2009.

Explore the story behind Brisbane’s top-rated solar company and our secret to selecting the best solar panels and inverters.

Solar Panel Pricing

6.5kW Solar System

14 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

5kW Gen24 Inverter

From $7,800*

9.3kW Solar System

20 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

8kW Gen24 Inverter

From $8,600

10.23kW Solar System

22 x 465W Canadian Solar Panels

8kW Gen24 Inverter

From $9,400

*Indicative solar price based on a standard install and with the STC solar rebate applied.(aka: Gov solar rebate)

Enjoy Solar Sooner with Financing

A Green Loan can be used to finance the cost of
solar for your home.

Green Loan Features:

  • Redraw payments in advance
  • Fixed or variable loan terms between 1 and 10 years
  • Make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • You can also include the cost of an EV charging station in your loan

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How We Became The Best Solar Company In Brisbane

I started out in the industry at Energex as an apprentice electrician. It was an eye-opening role for a 16-year-old kid. After Energex, I took on residential and commercial electrical roles. But satisfaction grew cold as I realised I was adding to the grid problem instead of solving it. Then the solar revolution began. This was the change I had been waiting for.

From my very first solar install in 2009, I realised solar was a different game to general electrical work. You need to think structurally like a builder, consider water like a plumber, and work with tin and tile like a roofer. All while installing completely new solar technology. The learning curve was steep. We didn’t always get it right.

As we grew as a small business, I realised training electricians to be solar installers was going to be a huge challenge. But it takes more than training electricians, we had to find apprentices to help them with the roof work. 

MC Electrical electricians installing solar panels

Installing solar panels in the hot Australian sun is rewarding, but requires a unique skill set. You need the endurance of a rock climber, the grit of a bricklayer, the finesse of a glacier, and the brain of an engineer. Finding great apprentices who thrive on the challenge of solar is hard. We learned we had the most success employing mature-age apprentices, with a background in carpentry, roofing, engineering, or rock climbing.

It wasn’t until our apprentices became tradesmen and had several years of training our second generation of apprentices that our installation standard reached a high quality. After 15 years, our installers are second to none. Retaining these electricians and passing the knowledge down was the first step to becoming the best solar company in Brisbane.

But it takes more.

MC Electrical electrician fixing tesla wall connector EV charger

How We Choose The Best Solar Panels And Inverters

It was pretty early on that I realised that nobody had a clue about which solar products were the best. We were all just pretending. The best solar panels were the panels with the best marketing team. The best inverters were the brands that took you out for a fancy dinner. There was no real information. No comparative testing. So I had to do it myself.

In 2012, I started purchasing and testing products myself on my warehouse roof and writing reviews. I called it Mark’s Blog. It was a unique approach at the time and I soon got the attention of the industry. This opened so many doors.

I was invited to solar panel and inverter factories to sit down with the engineers of these products and learn how their products worked minus the sales spin.

But what added to my education was the real-world experience. I had several teams installing over a thousand solar systems a year. And because my blog had opened up a larger network, I made friendships with many other installers around Australia who shared their data and experiences.

What have been my key learnings?

Queensland electrician showing customer fronius inverter

What You Should Know About Solar Panels & Inverters

I can summarise what I discovered with these three points:

Don’t use optimisers or microinverters. They are unnecessary and a weak point for reliability.

Don’t judge a solar panel by the price tag. Judge it by the build quality as each container of panel lands. Judge it by its reputation for performance over time, and judge it by the company’s reputation for honouring their warranty.

Not all inverters are created the same. Since 2015, we’ve installed 130 SolarEdge systems, 171 Sungrow inverters and over 5000 Fronius inverters. Even with our Fronius massive Fronius fleet – we have more failures with Sungrow and SolarEdge than with Fronius.

Shock horror. Even Fronius fails occasionally. That’s why you need support.

Queensland Electrician & Solar Panel services

Outstanding After-Sales Support

So we have the best team and we know how to pick the best products. But even the best solar panels and inverters can fail.

When you call our support team, you won’t get put through to a receptionist who fobs you off. Our support team consists of two electricians, Shane or Dane, and our first point of call, Kendall. They sit alongside another two solar electricians, myself and Ryan.

If you need help connecting your Wi-Fi or just want to understand your power bill, Kendall will help you out. If you think your system is underperforming, we won’t fob you off.

Some of my best learnings have been from underperforming systems in the field. Sungrow, Sunpower and Solaredge jump out as examples. But we have even found issues with our designs on our Fronius inverters.

The experience gained from lessons like these makes us better installers.

Queensland Electrician & Solar Panel consultant

Solar Design — Not Slippery Sales

Solar design is a crucial part of a solar installation. And it starts with our solar consultants. Design is not about plonking panels on a map and letting the electricians sort it out in a day.

You have to think about stringing, shading, exclusion zones and clipping. Start-up voltages, parallel currents, export limiting, metering regulations, monitoring, battery sizing and location and so much more.

I’m not a sales guy, I’m a tech guy. But I’ve kept the role of “sales manager” because our team really need to keep on top of their game. I’m blessed to have a team that is committed to the end result, and above all ethical. They like doing things the MC way so they stick around. Most of my sales team have been with me for over 5 years. Check them out on our team page.

Queensland Electrician showing family Solar system

So that’s what it takes to be the best solar company in Brisbane. In the end, it means you, the customer can rely on the products we use. You’ll know your system was designed by an expert. You can bank the products we chose, and rely on us to be there if you have concerns in years to come.

Queensland Electrician & Solar Panel Installer loading ladder on truck

Mark's YouTube And Blog

If you want to do your homework before purchasing a solar panel system, Mark’s blog is one of the most valuable resources you’ll find. Mark reviews solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar optimisers, microinverters and solar installation methods. See why Mark and the team at MC Electrical are considered solar industry thought leaders.

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