The Team

  • Mark Cavanagh
    Mark Cavanagh Owner, Manager, Electrician

    CEC Installer 20075Mark is the Owner and Manager of MC Solar & Electrical. He’s an Electrician, accredited solar installer/designer and an electrical contractor. Read his story. Mark is not only passionate about solar but about doing business right. It’s a simple ethic: look after your staff, and encourage them to look after your customers. It seems to work.

  • Wendy Cavanagh
    Wendy Cavanagh Employee Relations

    Where Mark makes the decisions on who to hire, Wendy makes it official by setting up staff contracts, payroll and time-sheets. Wendy is always behind the scenes ensuring the paperwork is up to date and accounts are in order. We’re all thankful to Wendy for being the one who pays us each week.

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott Ops. Manager, Electrician

    CEC Installer 20075Ryan, our Electrical supervisor, organises our solar teams and works on the more complex solar designs. As a sparkie, solar designer and installer, he has a heap of knowledge. His experience in solar maintenance makes him the obvious go-to guy when the other sparkies need tech support.

  • Alex Cusack
    Alex Cusack Electrician, Solar Installer

    CEC Installer 20075Alex has been around since day 1 when it was Mark as the Electrician and Alex as the apprentice. Seven years later, Alex the Electrician knows solar inside out. He’s also a really nice guy (which has kind of turned into a prerequisite for working here).

  • Michael Forrester
    Michael Forrester Electrician, Solar Installer

    CEC Installer 20075Michael is one of Queensland’s best blokes. That’s what his wife said when he won Mr. Ipswich in 2009! Seriously, he’s a top bloke and one of the best sparkies you’ll find. He first started working for us in 2011 – he had a break ( most likely modelling?) – but we’re better now ’cause he’s back.

  • Stiofain (Stephen) Cullain
    Stiofain (Stephen) Cullain Electrician, Solar Installer

    CEC Installer 20075We heard about Stephen (Stiofain is gaelic for Stephen) from Ryan, our Ops Manager. As former colleagues, Ryan knew the standard at which his work was done and after a couple of years sub-contracting and installing for AGL’s Solar division, we managed to lure him across. His quality workmanship and wealth of electrical knowledge has made him a great addition to our team.

  • Matt Reilly
    Matt Reilly Electrician, Solar Installer

    Matt met Mark several years ago, but at the time Matt was doing his apprenticeship with CV Services Group. In 2016 Matt called us up looking for a job. We didn’t have a position, but when you find a tradesman like Matt, you create a job for him. While working for us, he earned his solar install and design accreditation. After several months of training, Matt started leading our fourth team. His work is quality.

  • Mitch Smith
    Mitch Smith Electrician, Procurement

    Mitch is an electrician and accredited solar installer. He has been in the solar industry for years. He’s now in the office working with procurement and keeping the gears well oiled for the blokes as they load up and head out to their jobs each morning.

  • Nicole Tapper
    Nicole Tapper Solar Consultant

    Nicole is our Solar Consultant extraordinaire. She has developed a reputation in the industry over the last 7 years as a knowledgeable, straight-talking consultant. In 2015, Nicole agreed that MC Electrical suited her way of doing things better. Nicole is so much happier now, selling the right product at the right price.

  • Israel Vogel
    Israel Vogel Solar Consultant

    Israel was our go-to CEC Accredited Installer to refer new customers for service jobs…until the day he approached us and asked to work with us, how could we refuse!? Alongside teaching our apprentices the renewable energies unit at TAFE , he is also working with us as a solar consultant – so you can be sure he knows his stuff.

  • Yorick Mark
    Yorick Mark Solar Consultant

    Yorick used to work alongside Mark and Ryan to help in service and after sales support. As a veteran in the solar industry we have figured early on that Yorick is a keeper. In 2015 he asked to step out of the office so he could work directly with our customers. If there is something Yorick does not know, he will ask and learn. No BS. How could I refuse?

  • Trent Gosling
    Trent Gosling Solar Consultant

    Trent first worked for us in 2009 installing panels. He moved on and worked for other solar companies in both installations and solar sales for several years, before finally coming back to work as a consultant for MC Electrical in 2017. Trent’s experience in different areas (especially battery storage and off-grid) is proving invaluable.

  • Ben Krahe
    Ben Krahe Solar Consultant

    Ben previously worked in education and is a keen surfer. His passion for education has continued within the solar industry and we are very lucky to have him on board.

  • Mark Bunting
    Mark Bunting Sales Administrator/Estimator

    It took two months of looking for the right person before we happily found Mark. Mark has over 10 years customer service experience and a Graphic Design degree under his belt.  He is technically minded with a high level attention to detail. We are very glad that Mark first came over to Australia in 2012 for a working holiday and now calls Brisbane home.

  • Frances McDowell
    Frances McDowell Office and Sales Administration

    Frances has worked in New Zealand and London in the procurement industry before relocating and settling in Australia. After a lengthy search to find the right person, it was perfect timing when she saw our Facebook post and enquired directly, and was just the person we were looking for! Settling in well into the MC team, Frances has quickly stepped into the customer service role with ease.

  • Ben Neville
    Ben Neville Technical Sales Support

    Previously a retail manager, Ben has excellent experience talking with customers to determine what you want or need without the sales spin. With a degree in Marine Biology, Ben is passionate about environmental issues and solar fits in well with his values. His technical science background enabled him to easily grasp the technical side of solar, and he quickly proved himself useful in diagnosing problems and assisting with remote sales quotes. Ben now assists Ryan in assisting customers with technical questions and service issues.

  • Clodie West
    Clodie West Accounts Manager

    Clodie is our dynamic Accounts Manager, whose attention to detail is impeccable. Clodie has worked in the solar and electrical industry for 8 years and brings a wealth of knowledge behind the scenes. She is well liked within the team and brightens each day with her positive can-do attitude.

  • Cristy Hill
    Cristy Hill Customer Service Administrator

    Cristy has been in the solar industry since 2013. Ryan had previously worked with Cristy and new she would fit right in. Cristy was previously managing offices between 20 – 30 people and has two beautiful sons which has fine-tuned her negotiation skills. She is passionate about customer service and will settle issues effectively to make her the perfect person to take care of servicing and customer relations.

  • Kaitlin Shaw
    Kaitlin Shaw After-Sales Administration

    Kaitlin has worked in the solar industry since 2009. That makes her a solar veteran. Kaitlin recently became a new mother, but we didn’t want to lose her, so asked her if she would work for us from home. She works with post install customer service, arranging Energex to change over your meter to a solar meter, setting up your online monitoring platform, and managing all the STC “rebate” submissions.


  • David Buchanan
    David Buchanan Apprentice Electrician

    David is our mature age Third- year apprentice. He started as a labourer for MC way back in 2009. Three years ago, the lads all agreed we need to bring David back as an apprentice. Happily David obliged.


  • Dane May
    Dane May Apprentice Electrician

    Dane called MC Electrical in 2013 looking for an Adult apprenticeship. We invited him to prove his smarts by working in the office where he learned solar design. He’s since become a valued member of our team, helping out in the service department as well as resolving any IT related issues that we encounter with our systems. He will be a great tradie one day.

  • Shane Telfer
    Shane Telfer Apprentice Electrician

    Shane applied to work with us when Infinity Solar, the company he was working with, closed down. His background with Infinity gave him a head start, so after getting him up to speed with our standards, we signed him back up as a mature age electrical apprentice.

  • Josh Stephan
    Josh Stephan Apprentice Electrician

    Josh came highly recommended from our chief sparky, Alex. He took to the job like a possum on a roof, so we signed him up as a mature age apprentice. He is now three years into his Electrical apprenticeship. This bloke is tradesman material.

  • Alan Ford
    Alan Ford Apprentice Electrician

    Alan joined us in August 2016 on the recommendation from Dane. He began working as a labourer, but we soon realised this bloke is future tradesman material, so we offered him an adult electrical apprenticeship.

  • Shane Williams
    Shane Williams Apprentice Electrician

    Shane started with us in 2017 to finish off his apprenticeship. Before that he worked with solar for 2.5 years.   Shane is a great addition to our team and we are very happy to have him on board.

  • Brady Stolz
    Brady Stolz Apprentice Electrician

    Brady started out pursuing a career in Aircraft Engineering before realizing his calling as an Electrician. He is passionate about renewable energy and offering him an apprenticeship was an easy decision to make. Brady is the type of bloke who gets the job done.

  • Elliot Moss
    Elliot Moss Labourer

    Elliot was highly recommended by one of our Electricians, who had worked with him previously. Not only were we impressed that Elliot is a qualified helicopter pilot, but also with his efforts installing solar.  He is super-efficient and does a great job.

  • Jason Hadland
    Jason Hadland Labourer

    Jason joined our team earlier this year and is looking to gain an apprenticeship in the solar industry.

  • Luke Frey
    Luke Frey Storeman

    Luke joined our team in Feb. 2018.  He has a comprehensive background in warehousing & logistics. Luke is directly responsible for all product coming in, going out, and maintaining good order in and around our warehouse
    & office facilities.  He is doing a great job and has exceeded our expectations.

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