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“MC Electrical’s installers were very professional, prompt and completed the install quicker than they had advised. The quotation process was excellent, no-nonsense and had no hidden surprises or exclusions. Cannot recommend them enough.”

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You can get genuine 0% interest with no fees on your solar battery

with competitive electricity rates locked in for 5 years from Nectr

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As of 1 Feb 2024, there is no longer Solar bundle offer from Nectr. i.e., no more 3-year locked-in electricity rates bundled with 0% interest financing by Nectr.

However, the Solar plus Battery and Battery Addon bundles are still available with 5-year locked-in electricity rates bundled with 0% interest financing. To get you started, we have an exclusive limited offer for you, eligible battery owners can receive an additional $135 bill credit Beeyond Offer that ends on March 31, 2024

$20 monthly VPP bill credit is applicable from the installation of the battery system (solar plus battery or battery addon) for all battery bundle customers of Nectr


Sounds too good to be true, right?

In every other situation I have seen, INTEREST-FREE means increasing the price of the upfront cost to 25 percent.

Every situation except for NECTR’s latest offering.

Certegy Interest-Free: $10,000 Solar Battery will be quoted at $12,500 plus fortnightly and monthly fees.

Nectr Interest-Free: $10,000 Solar Battery will cost you $10,000.

How and Why? 

Nectr wants to lock you in as an electricity customer, so they’ll lock into today’s competitive electricity rates for the next 5 years. If for any reason you want to leave Nectr’s locked in competitive prices, you just have to pay off the loan – with no exit fees or penalties.

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The interest-free scam explained

Let’s say a Solar company wants to sell you a $10,000 battery “interest-free”. An interest-free loan from Certegy will cost the Solar company about 25 per cent on top of their usual price.

So instead, the solar company would be forced to charge you $12,500 and pass on a massive $2,500 of your money to Certegy. To add insult to injury, Certegy will charge you, the customer fortnightly AND monthly fees for the loan duration.

“Interest-free” is almost always misleading and unethical.

Nectr’s interest-free offering is the real deal.

Here’s how it works. Nectr is a relatively new electricity retailer (like Origin or AGL). Nectr’s parent company is part of Hanwha Group, a Fortune 500 Korean company that owns Qcells solar panels. Hanwha Group is backing Nectr with the finance for genuine interest-free loans to gain market share. A $10,000 solar battery will cost you $10,000. MC Electrical receives $10,000 in full from Nectr, and you’ll pay only $ 10,000 off over 5 years.

Nectr is a multi-award-winning 100% carbon neutral retailer backed by a Fortune 500 global company, Hanwha Group who have exclusively chosen MC Electrical to share their latest energy retail product.

  • Locked-in* great electricity rates
    Nectr’s rates are one of the most competitive** in today’s market if you have high energy consumption and you don’t feed much solar energy back to the grid. And despite power prices increasing, Nectr will LOCK IN* your rates for 5 years!***
  • No interest, no fees … no, really!
    Sign up with Nectr’s energy plan, and you can pay your solar battery off over a 5-year contract period***.
  • Get paid with Nectr’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
    You’ll join Nectr’s upcoming VPP with more details to come in 2024. Meanwhile, Nectr will pay $20 per month VPP bill credit and when the VPP is fully operational in 2024, you may take part and earn additional revenue depending on energy dispatched.***
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Nectr BEEyond

Discover the rewards of supporting renewable energy. Let Nectr optimise your battery for you and participate in Nectr Evolve, our Virtual Power Plant, knowing that 100% of your stored solar will be put to good use for the VPP when required for grid services.

Why would you sign up to Nectr BEEyond?

Enjoy the freedom of year-long electricity usage for a simple upfront payment of only $500. Switch your solar and battery to our Nectr BEEyond plan, and your electricity usage will cost you nothing – up to 1,500 kWh per quarter.

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One simple yearly up-front payment of $500*

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Receive a $135 bill credit as a sign-up bonus

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$0 daily supply charge for the 12-month period

mc electrical battery efficient icon

Your battery is efficiently monitored and managed

Nectr Plan BEE

For those who prefer a DIY approach to their batteries, the Nectr Plan BEE is the perfect solution. Some of us love data and prefer to closely manage our household energy usage by syncing our appliances with our solar and battery.

Why would you sign up to Nectr Plan BEE?

You get to manage your own usage to drive down your costs, get paid for exporting solar to the grid, and provide up to 15% of your stored solar for the VPP when required for grid services.


No upfront payment required*

time and money

Flat & TOU options available

mc electrical daily supply and pricing plans icon

Cents/kWh pricing plans

mc electrical battery efficient icon

No battery size restrictions

*Nectr would only be able to vary your energy prices when that cost variation arises from a future or expected change in law that affects the costs incurred in selling you energy. Examples of previous change in law events include a new government levy to support ambulance services. We would provide you with advance notice of any variation in your energy prices.

**Canstar Blue’s Compare Energy Plans 16 Nov 2022 (

***If you want to leave Nectr, you will be required to pay off the reminder of loan with no exit fees.

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