The Catch Power Relay – A Better Solar PV Hot Water Timer

Solar hot water timers have been spruiked as a must-have to heat your water with free solar power. They’re fairly cheap to install (about $300) and they make you think you are saving lots of money. The truth is they are unreliable, may cost you money, and are overall a dumb solution. In this post, […]

Goodwe MS Solar Inverter Review

The Goodwe MS inverter is a Solar inverter like no other. In this post, I’ll explain how Goodwe can do what Fronius cannot. But through my testing, I’ll show you why the Goodwe will not replace the Fronius inverter but will instead act as a more affordable solution on a home where Enphase would otherwise be required.

Tigo Optimiser Recall?

Tigo optimisers seemed like a good idea at the time. In the past, I’ve spruiked Tigo as an affordable shade solution. But my recent Tigo testing has uncovered two major issues that render Tigo optimisers worse than an empty black box! Many, if not most Tigo optimisers may need to be recalled in order to update the firmware.

Hoymiles Microinverter Review

Hoymiles Microinverters are the new kid on the block, and they want to take market share of the incumbent microinverter, Enphase. As a Chinese microinverter manufacturer, you won’t be surprised that their main aim is to be

Solar Panel Warranty – Loop Holes Exposed

Is your solar panel warranty worth the paper it’s written on? Will a little bit of shade void your solar panel warranty?  . In this post, I’ll first show you how most solar panel manufacturers have, what I consider to be a 25-year solar panel warranty get-out-of-jail-free card written into their installation manual.  After that, I’ll tell you […]

Fronius Solar Web & Why it’s Important

Fronius Solar Web & Why it’s Important Fronius Solar Web Tutorial Video So you’ve gone solar…. now what? Well you’ll be glad to know that you made the right decision and even better, now you’re on your way to learning how to make your solar work for you! To do this. you’ll need to know […]